54 thoughts on “Talking Dirty Prize Entry Post 2 (Closes at 5:00 PST / 7:00 EST)

  1. kanundra

    I can’t believe I’m still awake haha. I need more coffee though, but you guys are defo great together, and it’s awesome to learn more of you both! πŸ™‚ x

  2. Stephanie VO

    Damn that is great. I love how you change your voice Greg. I sometime forget that is the same person.

  3. Hello from Australia.
    Rhys, I love all your work; I’m so excited to be here, that I can’t even think of a question.

  4. meep

    Greg – that’s amazing.

    One of the big appeals about Rhys’s books for me is always the dialogue.

  5. secretobcession1

    Well dang it…didn’t know there was a Post 1 to enter. But now in the #2. LOL. Always a day late & a dollar short.

  6. I’ve never been able to see either of you guys in person before, and you’re both so amazing! I’ve been convinced into buying all of Rhys’ books simply because you’re just so cool. And Greg is just fantastic, I love all his voices!

  7. Sarah Slocum

    I love how Greg goes through so many different voices so quickly. That was amazing!

  8. Cappa

    Will you still be answering questions from older posts, or only the post that’s active?

  9. Greg, I’ve been listening to Murder and Mayhem, and I love the voices you create for the characters.
    I love the different accentS.

  10. bastdazbog

    Hearing Greg’s different voices was fun. I’m enjoying listening to you both. πŸ™‚

  11. This is fascinating, learning about Rhys’s writing process and Greg’s voice beginnings.

    I prefer audiobooks now that the eyesight’s going.

  12. Loved your narration of the DIrty Bit, Greg! When I read it on my own I hear your Jae voice in my head. I’ve listened to all the audiobooks, so many times now, I’ve lost count, so all of their (your) voices is so clear to me. LOL

  13. Cappa

    Rhys Question! What’s your favorite easter egg for any of your characters, i.e. something you know about your characters that isn’t in any of the books.

  14. Susan Cosnick

    Some authors have an absolute ability to touch your soul and make you cry. Rhys can do that to me so easily.

  15. *hands tissues to Greg*
    I love that you get so emotional, I do to when reading/listening to them.

    Question for Greg: have there been scenes you found so funny that recording them was a (good) challenge?

  16. Juli-Anna Dobson

    Greg’s readings are always some of my favorites. And you can”t go wrong with a Rhys Ford book. The two of you together is a super awesome combination

  17. audio book tip! Non romance..
    Alien: Out of the Shadows: An Audible Original Drama.
    It’s a dramatized version and it was awesome! All the characters had different voices, there were music and sound effects! If you’re familiar with the franshice you’ll get goose pumps.

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