Charity Drive and Become a Character in the FINAL Dirty book in the series!

SOPHIE’S FUND ENDS NEXT FRIDAY! Last week to donate or share the link to be entered in the Charity Drive to become a Dirty Character! We’re continuing to add funds as a “just in case” contingency!

As many of you know, I’ll be starting the FINAL Cole McGinnis book soon. I wanted to do a small charity run for it. Something we can max out in a short amount of time. And here is Sophie.

She needs a bit of help, this dear sweet old girl. I’ve donated $100 for Sophie’s care. She needs about $650. If you donate or pass the link on, please leave a comment here or on the site and you can possibly become a character in the last book in the Dirty series.

Be sure to mention my name so I know you want to be entered!

Sophie is Fifteen-year-old beagle/corgi cross seems determined to take years off her owner’s life. She’s had some health problems off and on for a few years now (including Cushing’s) which they’ve endeavored to stay on top of. Unfortunately, despite a positive checkup from the vet last Friday, early on Monday she came down with sudden onset acute diarrhea/vomiting/loss of appetite.




16 thoughts on “Charity Drive and Become a Character in the FINAL Dirty book in the series!

  1. Amy Darling

    what a sweet face. I just lost my Puppy last month to cancer. You’re so right it is heart breaking. I will be happy to donate.

      1. Granted I am biased, but I just have to say that is literally THE sweetest dog. She is SO HAPPY all the time, strangers have come up to me to say how she’s the happiest dog they’ve ever seen. Everyone smiles the instant they see her, everyone at the vet office knows and adores her. She’s my heart.

  2. Donated and would LOVE to be considered for a character in the final DIRTY book! GoodReads name “Gigi” real name Jennifer Frisby.

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