Murder and Mayhem Blog Tour Stop #7!


Tour Stop number 7 is Sinfully Addicted!

Be sure to enter to win at Each Stop! Every blog spot has its own giveaway…and its own murder(s)

Murder and Mayhem Blog Tour

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8 thoughts on “Murder and Mayhem Blog Tour Stop #7!

  1. Been totally busy I forgot about the release…*gasp*! So then I make like Speedy Gonzalez (ahem, more like Slow Poke Rodriguez) over to amazon to get the paperback and it doesn’t show up-just kindle ed. Finally I had an aha moment and I tried the isbn number and tada! So it’s done and done, now to wait. >.<

  2. Just finished reading the book. Best book ever. Okay I just remembered your other books and well best books ever. Would you please tell me the title of the book with Alex’s story. I know I read it a while back but I can’t remember the title and it’s bugging me. Thanks.

  3. Kendra Patterson

    Finished Murder and Mayhem last night. Loved it. Really liked the way Rook and his grandfather Archie interacted with each other, had me laughing at each scene they had together. Had to pull out Grand Adventures and re-read your short story Cops and Comix again. Hope there will be more books in this series. Thx for another great story.

    1. Oh thank you, love! I loved having Archie and Manny as counterpoints to Rook and Dante. I felt like they needed balance of personalities and well, Archie is just so…. wrong in a lot of ways.

      Alex. I adored Alex. It was nice to have Rook with his cousin. Alex is a great character. And yes, there will be more books. Rook and Dante have a lot of trouble in them 😀

      Thank you!

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