Make Me A Morgan Winner!

The winner is CASSIE!

Cassie’s name was selected from among the hundreds of people who donated, mentioned and passed the link along. I had to create a spreadsheet. Math is hard. Just saying. Cassie will become a Morgan in the next Sinners book after Sloe Ride (Yes there will be a one-off).

Cassie, your name was pulled from the GOFUNDME page. Your entry was:


Donated Hidden Amount
Saturday, January 31, 2015

So sorry to hear about your family’s struggles. My prayers and best wishes for strength of body, heart, and purpose, and of course health and well-being. I heard about your fundraiser on Rhys Ford’s blog, and I hope my small drop in your bucket is part of a much larger tidal wave of good will and support. God bless.

Please know every drop in the bucket goes to support a lovely man and you are a doll for being there with us. His road is a bit smoother because of you. And every one of you.

Cassie, please email me at rhysford [at] vitaenoir [dot] com and let’s talk about how you’re going to be in the next Sinners book!

Congrats to Cassie but most of all, thank all of you. Truly. Warms the cockles. *HUGS*

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