SOMEONE will become a Morgan!

Well all, we have reached the Build John A Ramp goal.

I am never amazed at how the community of us works. People say that, you know. Isn’t it amazing? Well, no…it’s not. Because really you all are amaxing people. What else would amazing people do but amazing shit?

Because awesome is as awesome does.

Thank you. I know Christy and John thank you. I haven’t spoken to her yet today. I will in a little bit. We’ll keep everyone informed on how John’s doing and the funding page will still be up for 80 days.

The goal was 10K. The ramp is built and now comes the time when I start sorting through the five places for comments and such to compile the entrants.

ONE of you will be a Morgan in Sin and Tonic.

All of you are in my hearts.


7 thoughts on “SOMEONE will become a Morgan!

  1. It is you who are amazing. Your skill as a writer has gathered thousands of readers and fans, and your generous heart has turned us into an army of awesomeness. I am proud to be a foot soldier in Rhys’s Army of Awesomeness. Before I get carried away here, do you think we ought to consider getting uniforms?

    1. Bah, silly. *hugs*

      I think I’m going to make skill level badges… Stuff like… Mastered Fried Rice, Used Chopsticks, Drank Vietnamese Coffee 😀

  2. I bet they are so relieved to have the steps thing worked out! I hope John is doing well.
    …and what she said!😉 you are the one who brought the need to people’s attention, so the awesome does in fact start with you Rhys *hugs*

    Tho I am not so sure about a uniform😶 lol

  3. isisrising4sandra

    That’s so great. I’m honored I was able to be a small part of this. Please keep us posted on John’s progress and a photo of the ramp would be fantastic!

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