WINNER! Black Dog Blues Final Tour Stop!


The winner of the FINAL tour stop and getting of $50 Gift certificate of their choice is….

Ree Dee

Congrats and thank you all for playing! Dudes! You all made this so much fun and thank you. So so much!

Ree, please email me at rhysford (at) vitaenoir (dot) com and let’s talk cashy money! *cheers*

5 thoughts on “WINNER! Black Dog Blues Final Tour Stop!

  1. Renee

    Will you be doing something with the cards, putting them all together or something? I tried to get to all of them, but had some trouble. My internet access is limited to my phone which works well but it didn’t like some of the blogs. I’m a huge Kai fan, read his story when it first came out, can’t wait for the next one! Wished for Dragon slippers, maybe some other time.

    1. I definitely could put all the cards on one page 😀 Heh… They were fun to do. We’ll have SO many giveaways. Promise! *hugs* And thank you!

  2. isisrising4sandra

    Oh well, it was a lot of fun collecting the cards and answering the questions. Maybe another time. Congratulations Ree Dee.

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