TA Moore’s Labyrinth of Stone Is FINALLY Out!

Labyrinth of StoneLabyrinth of Stone by TA Moore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

TA Moore’s writing is probably some of the best I’ve ever run across. Her story crafting is incredible and there’s simply an elegance in her use of words. There is solid writing here and LoS is a finely woven tale of struggle, redemption and triumph in a challenging environment. This book contains romance, adventure and intricate prose while capturing the imagination and taking it for a heck of a ride. Don’t miss this novel. It is a blast to the senses.

That’s my review. I’m sticking to it. Seriously, I wanna grow up and write like Tamm. I just fricking do.

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  1. jenf27

    Thanks for the review/recommendation. Just added Labyrinth of Stone to my TBR list – sounds fantastic.

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