Card SEVEN is Up for the Black Dog Blues Tour!



The Black Dog Blues Magical Mystery Tour has begun. Collect all the trading cards you can and head back to at the end of the tour! There’ll be cashy money…okay. Pixelated money. But still!

Card SEVEN is at Boy Meets Boy!

Enter to win one of our red dragons!


Now, on each stop of the tour, there will be monster trading cards. THOSE are what you want. Collect them all… or as many as you can because on the FEB 7th, I will be posting a list of questions based on the monster’s trading card. There will be twenty-four questions and the twist? I’ll be giving you the fact and YOU match up at least three monsters to their corresponding fact and the blog the card came from.

For example: Question 4: Manticore,

I’ll choose the winner randomly and then check the answers. If the answers are right, that person wins…

A $50 gift certificate to the etailer of their choice.

So hit the blogs, enter to get a dragon, grab a few cards and come back to win again!

See you back here on February 7th!

Black Dog Blues Magical Mystery Tour Information

Jan 28
3 Chicks After Dark

Jan 29
It’s About The Book
Boys in our Books

Jan 30
Joyfully Jay

Jan 31
TTC Books and More

Feb 1
Christy Duke—Christyloves2read
Boy Meets Boy

Feb 2
Reading Reality

Feb 3
Love Bytes
The Novel Approach

Feb 4
Prism Alliance

Feb 5
The Blogger Girls

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