Announcing The NEW Black Dog Blues Magical Mystery Tour


Starting tomorrow, we will be rolling out a BRAND NEW Black Dog Blues tour! Now, this one’s going to be something a little different. There will be GIVEAWAYS! *cue echoing sound effect* Tour begins Jan 28th and ends Feb 7th.

On EVERY stop of this tour, ONE chosen entrant will be sent an 18 inch red dragon plushie…which doubles as a pillow! But really, I’ve found when you put them in pillow mode, it’s kind of like cat summoning because felines love to lie on them. Even if you aren’t OWNED by a cat, there will be a cat. Pillow at your own risk.


Now, on each stop of the tour, there will be monster trading cards. THOSE are what you want. Collect them all… or as many as you can because on the FEB 7th, I will be posting a list of questions based on the monster’s trading card. There will be twenty-four questions and the twist? I’ll be giving you the fact and YOU match up at least three monsters to their corresponding fact and the blog the card came from.

For example: Question 4: Manticore,

I’ll choose the winner randomly and then check the answers. If the answers are right, that person wins…

A $50 gift certificate to the etailer of their choice.

So hit the blogs, enter to get a dragon, grab a few cards and come back to win again!

See you back here on February 7th!

Black Dog Blues Magical Mystery Tour Information

Jan 28
3 Chicks After Dark

Jan 29
It’s About The Book
Boys in our Books

Jan 30
Joyfully Jay

Jan 31
TTC Books and More

Feb 1
Christy Duke—Christyloves2read
Boy Meets Boy

Feb 2
Reading Reality

Feb 3
Love Bytes
The Novel Approach

Feb 4
Prism Alliance

Feb 5
The Blogger Girls

Lastly, if you’ve already read Black Dog Blues in its first release, thank you. Your dedication to Kai really brought him to DSPP’s front door and I can’t thank you enough. Leave a review on Amazon if you’re so inclined (damn things don’t carry over 😀 ) and I hope you like the sequel which will be on its way. Thank you again.

o-black-dog-bluesBlack Dog Blues Blurb
Ever since being part of the pot in a high-stakes poker game, elfin outcast Kai Gracen figures he used up his good karma when Dempsey, a human Stalker, won the hand and took him in. Following the violent merge of Earth and Underhill, the human and elfin races are left with a messy, monster-ridden world, and Stalkers are the only cavalry willing to ride to someone’s rescue when something shadowy appears.

It’s a hard life but one Kai likes—filled with bounty, a few friends, and most importantly, no other elfin around to remind him of his past. And killing monsters is easy. Especially since he’s one himself.

But when a sidhe lord named Ryder arrives in San Diego, Kai is conscripted to do a job for Ryder’s fledgling Dawn Court. It’s supposed to be a simple run up the coast during dragon-mating season to retrieve a pregnant human woman seeking sanctuary. Easy, quick, and best of all, profitable. But Kai ends up in the middle of a deadly bloodline feud he has no hope of escaping.

No one ever got rich being a Stalker. But then few of them got old either and it doesn’t look like Kai will be the exception.

Purchase Black Dog Blues at DSP Publications

Black Dog Blues is also available on Amazon and other fine eTailers.

13 thoughts on “Announcing The NEW Black Dog Blues Magical Mystery Tour

  1. Waxapplelover

    I want a dragon already! Love the picture and description. 🙂 Thanks for making the blog tours so much fun.

  2. jenf27

    The dragon pillow pet is adorable!! My son has a dog pillow pet and the cat is carrying on a love affair with it.

    And, the trading card game sounds fun. Thanks!

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