The Four… Series Name

I have decided to go with Rachael‘s suggestion of…

Ink and Shadows.

Rachael, you win a beta-read of The Four, Book One in the Ink and Shadows series AND to be a character in Sloe Ride, Book Four of the Sinners Series.

This theme came up a couple of times but she was the first one to lay it down.

mtsnow13 and Colette also submitted this. I do however want to acknowledge you were a part of that winning combination so if you’d like to beta-read The Four, I would love to include you.

Of course no sharing, folding or mutilation *grins*

Please email me at rhysford (at) vitaenoir (dot) com and we can work out the particulars.

It actually was a difficult decision that involved a lot of people as we discussed the choices. Close seconds were; Riders of the Storm, Harbingers, Revelations, and Veils and Ink. Veiled Threat was also in the running as were several others.

The winnowing process was huge. And took a lot longer than I thought it would be but really, THANK YOU ALL! *hugs*  I cannot ever truly thank you all enough. You make my life!

6 thoughts on “The Four… Series Name

  1. Carolyn

    Congrats, Rachael! I remember it popping up as a suggestion and thinking “ooh, that’s a good one.” Great choice, Rhys!

    Even though my suggestions weren’t the right fit, I’m smiling just to see one of them made the close seconds list. I’m going to be even more happy to read the Ink and Shadows series, though. 😀

  2. Laura

    There were so many great suggestions! I love this one. And am looking forward to reading the books.

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