So You Wanna Try An Audiobook…Giveaway!



I’m going to be honest. Actually I’m usually honest with all of you… okay except at the end of Sinner’s Gin but truthfully, I never TOLD you he was dead. I was just being SUPER honest at the end of the book.

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I digress. Tangent. Etc.

Thing is, I was never actually interested in Audiobooks. I’d JUST forgiven myself for liking my Kindle and that took me YEARS to get over not having paper and ink in my hands. YEARS! Issues. Bygones.

But ah, Audiobooks. I was given a bunch of auditions for the first Cole book and I had to listen to the tone and modulation of storytellers. I wasn’t listening for the story. I KNEW the story. I was listening for the… essence of the words I’d written, of the people I created and man, let me tell you about judging. I was SO judgey. Like a judging judgey thing.

Because dudes, love him or hate him… Cole’s mine.

And so I found Greg Tremblay among the recorded pixels and said; yeah… that’s the guy. THAT is the voice.

The matter dissolved and I was lost in other things… mostly other books and other issues but then one day I got an email asking me about Korean pronunciation. I thought huh, asked a friend of mine who’s very fluent to record it for him and God, I love Bianca because she in true BiNicorn fashion went on for about ten minutes on the hows and whys of the phrase and then said it several times slowly.

She’s going to kill me for sharing that but hah! I love her.  She is so fluent. Dudes, she lived there for a long time. Sings in Korean. Writes it. Hah. She even gets mad when the hot boy takes the tongs away from her at Korean BBQ. His name, ironically enough, is Jae.

Greg dove in. Dove RIGHT into the Korean and for that, I am so fucking grateful.

Then Dirty Kiss came out and I was all…. well, shit, I need to listen to this because he did so much work and well, obligations and all of that.

I couldn’t have asked for a better narrator. Truly, Greg blew Dirty Kiss out of the water. Totally. And I was all, damn skippy. Thank you.

Tristan came next and well, I’d found my boys. Dedicated, focused and dialects! Accents!

They become a different layer on top of the experience for the reader and well, for some, they ARE the experience. I know some people who only do audio and love it.

So that’s why audiobooks.

Now, I get these codes when one of my audiobooks drops. I apparently also store them up like acorns so… how about if I throw some of them out there and we see if they take root.


I am giving away FOUR audio book codes to Audible. Best thing about this service is that you can have them on any device. If you’ve got an Amazon account, you log into Audible with it. I believe these work with Audible UK too but if you win and find they don’t, I shall do something about!

And due to the tremendous response… actually I don’t know if there was a tremendous response but fuck it, here goes. ONE lucky winner will receive a pair of Alpaca!

That’s right. I have alpaca. Still. Damn things breed. I swear. Like audiobook codes!


Now, please keep in mind, these codes are for ANY audiobook. Please do not feel like you have to get one of mine.  I’d love for you to get any of Greg’s or Tristan’s because they’ve done others’ books too but honestly, go wild. Find something you want to listen to.

So… how to enter?

Leave a comment below. Make sure I can find you. *grins* I’ll be drawing the winners on Tuesday November 25th!* Winners will be chosen by number draws.

Good luck and excellent listening!

*Ironically, this is Bianca’s birthday.

133 thoughts on “So You Wanna Try An Audiobook…Giveaway!

  1. mtsnow13

    *Sigh* I own all your audios, but don’t think I have all Tristan’s and Greg’s, so I’ll throw my name in the hat! Would love it 😉

  2. i love that you were so careful choosing your narrator. it makes or breaks the story if that’s the only reference you have (as in didn’t read a book, only have the actor’s interpretation)

    dogwitch at gmail dot com

  3. Cherilyn

    I read constantly so when I’m driving, I feel lost and lonely. I have to drive 6 hrs each month to take my daughter to a specialist (from OKC to Dallas) and the drive is so horrible for me. I would love to try an audiobook and see if it will help my drive go by faster. Thanks so much for being extremely generous!

  4. I also love audiobooks and agree with other commenters that the narrator really makes or breaks the book. I’ve read all your books, but would love to listen to one and hear the Korean as opposed to the very not correct sound in my head when I read the story!

  5. Kel

    I just got one of Greg’s books and I haven’t started listening to it but Dirty Kiss and Sinner’s Gin are next on my list. I did listen to the samples though and they sound amazing!

  6. Kyra

    I love to read, then listen to my favorites on audio. I do it while driving mostly, but am married to a wonderful husband who just got me a little portable speaker so I can listen anywhere!

  7. H.B.

    I don’t listen to much audiobooks sound this sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Thank you for the giveaway chance.
    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  8. Please, Please, Please, I HAVE to win one of your audiobooks! I have six on my wish list and only Sinner’s Gin in my library. It takes time to build up the whole series. This would get me there a lot faster.

  9. Otila

    I didn’t like audiobooks either but I’ve been liking them more lately. especially for books I’ve already read and love. I listened to Sinner’s Gin and Tristan James was amazing. I had to listen to the rest of the series immediately.

  10. Leigh

    I have never listened to an audio book. But your blog post makes it sound very good. So I will throw my hat in the ring.

  11. Amy Darling

    Greg and Tristen did an amazing job on these books! I enjoy both reading and listening to books so when you started releasing the audios I was both excited and nervous. But seriously the narration on these are in my opinion the best. so good I bought every one as they have come out.

  12. Marna

    I’m an audiobook queen! (And as such, pretty sure I own all of yours….) People – if you don’t win the code, BUY one. Just one! (Granted, it’s like a gateway drug, but look away from *that* shiny and just buy one!)

  13. samantha walters

    I am gonna add my name in the list, I haven’t tried any audio books yet. I hope Bianca had a wonderful birthday.

  14. Carissa

    I love audiobooks, but I always end up looking at the price and seeing how many ebooks i could buy for just one audiobook, and end up having to walk away. sadly. So I would love a free one. Because I have wanted Cole and Jae’s audiobooks since they were released. Plus, free stuff is awesome. 😀

  15. Marilyn Adam

    Oh yes! I have all of your books on Kindle so would love to choose yours in audio with your fantastic narrator! I love audio books and have an account with Audible. I listen to them in my car and snuggled up in my bed at night in the dark.

  16. Waxapplelover

    I would love to have an audiobook of yours. Make no mistake, after your wonderful intro above, I definitely have to hear Cole and Jae and the Korean! Oh, and I’m pretty sure I was part of the “please give me the alpaca” group during your recent tour, so here’s hoping again. *crosses fingers* They are just so darn cute.

  17. I’ve never tried an audio book before but it is time to try one. I also was a late comer to Kindle books but now I love them. Please pick me! Thanks.

  18. *sigh* look at ALL these comments! It will be impossible to win!

    I’ve always struggled with audio books but when Jordan Castillo Price released Among the Living in audio…omg AMAZING! I’ve decided I need to focus on listening to books I’ve already read but don’t have time to reread, so I’ve been listing to Whyborne and Griffin series by Jordan L Hawk! Let’s just say I LOVE when Griffin drops his voice down low!

  19. I love listening to the audio bits you share 😉
    I haven’t yet delved into audio books( totally understand your pain of actually liking the Kindle…NEVER thought I would become addicted & yet when I pick up one of my many books I have collected over the years I have to stop myself from touching the page & actually expecting it to turn by itself or gripe to myself that I can’t adjust the background color to make the font easier to read…*hangs head* )

  20. Claire McGuire

    I would love to win one of your Audiobooks Rhys. That would be awesome! Maybe I would actually get some housework done. That could be my reward for actually getting off my butt.

  21. Love audio books! The stories & the readers must come together as one & make the characters & the stories come to life. Good stories well written & well spoken bring me back again & again for the pure enjoyment that the writer & reader create. The Cole McGinnis & Sinner’s Gin are great example’s.

  22. Heather Rawlins

    You’ve convinced me, maybe there is something good about audio (the only book I ever listened to was a sequel to Forest Gump with a southern accent, it was dreadful) and I haven’t wanted read a book by audio. But maybe it’s worth a try, especially with one of your books.

  23. i adore all your books, but haven’t listened to any of them. I loved the snippets of each of the narrators and it would be great to hear some of the Korean and Gaelic as I’m sure it sounds different than when I pronounce it in my head!

    louise at southwicks dot net

  24. Marcine

    Love your books. I have a couple of the audiobooks, but I need to get more of them. Those two have lovely voices.

    Dejamew at

  25. Penumbra

    I don’t have your or anyone’s audiobook so I’d like to give it a try. Count me in please 🙂


  26. Johanna Jochum

    Oh wow, I just signed up for audible today and bought my first audio book. So I’m folding laundry and listening to a Charlie Cochet book and it’s freaking fantastic. Cool contest! Thanks!

    evjochum (at) aol (dot) com

  27. Ree

    I love audiobooks and I would love to hear Cole! I listen while I’m driving or doing prep in the kitchen.


  28. Allison

    I love Greg’s and Tristan’s reading of your books! I’m listening to Dirty Laundry right now in fact. 😀


  29. I guess I’m like you in that I rarely listen to audio books. However if they’re as good as you say they are I would love to have my mind changed. Please enter me in the draw. I’m going to have trouble typing with my fingers crossed from now until Tuesday 🙂

  30. November 25th is my birthday! lol I don’t have many audiobooks as I prefer to read the books myself, but I do like to listen while cross-stitching. I watch TV while hooking…err…crocheting…but it has to be audiobooks with cross-stitch. I’d love to listen to Cole. Or the Sinners boys. Yeah. I’m not choosy. 😛

  31. Lisa G

    I’ve never listed to an audiobook but my sister swears by them. I’ve heard nothing but great things about your narrators – would love a shot at winning one of these codes.

  32. Stan Errington

    I’ve said it before, you rock, and when you do things like this you definitely rock. I don’t mind if I don’t win, and I notice from reading some of the comments that some people haven’t listened to audiobooks before (they don’t know what they’re missing, especially with the narration of your books) so I wouldn’t mind if those audible ‘virgins’ win and they can find out what they’ve been missing out on.

  33. Hanne

    I love audio and Greg’s and Tristan’s narrations especially (no surprise there), and as I’ve won from you before you might feel like throwing me in the bay should my name be drawn again but as I am a shameless (audiobook) hussy I’ll take my chances! 😀

    gauk63 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  34. suze294

    I’ve only dipped my toe into the Audiobook dating pool – would love to hear Cole and Jae read to me!

  35. Kourt

    Took me a long time too to love my Kindle, would love a chance to love audiobooks as well.

  36. elaine downes

    The alpacas look darn cute – would love to hear Cole and Jae together – can’t listen while I’m driving because that could be interesting – but would definitely listen while cross stitching – so I hope I win – pretty please !

  37. debby236

    I would love to try one of your audiobooks. thanks for the chance. The alpacas are so cute.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  38. Vicki

    I love audio books. The dirty series are some of my favorites! And the alpacas are adorable!
    lovingkindle at gmail dot com

  39. nlhartmann

    Like you, I love paper. Now addicted to Kindle. So audio, Sure. Why not? I.’d love to. Love alpacas, too.

  40. Ardent Ereader

    I love your books and recently joined Audible and I would love a chance to win an audio-book. Thanks for the giveaway!! ardent(dot)ereader(at)gemail(dot)com

  41. I loved that audio clip from your friend – linguistics is fascinating! My bachelors is in cultural anthropology, and one of my favorite classes way back when was ethnopoetics. ::sigh:: Thanks for that trip in the wayback machine!

    I used to listen to audiobooks at work when there were no customers, while I cleaned and straightened and organized the store – I got spoiled by listening to Barbara Rosenblatt narrating Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody series, and I would love to give your boys a try & find another great narrator!

    (Oh, and I knit, so the alpacas would also be sweet!)

  42. jenf27

    I have not tried an audiobook yet, so thanks for the contest! And I love Cole!! The alpacas are adorable. My son really wants them. 🙂

    jen.f {at} mac {dot} com

  43. Vickie Bruss

    When I read this email I was nodding my head as I took years to truly accept my kindle vs a paper book….nothing beats the smell of a new book. I think I may bev ready to try an audiobook…Im a little hesitant but…well…

  44. I knit, and when I knit I DON’T watch TV or sit quietly with my thoughts. I listen to books, and the two people I most like to listen to are Greg and Tristan. They are so very easy to listen to, so talented with the languages they have to support, and the different voices for the characters is awesome. So, I’m not saying I’ve listened to their books a lot, I mean I’m not crazy or anything, but I could probably verbatim the Sinners Gin and Cole series along with them. I even do searches on them, instead of authors (since my favorite authors will come up anyway!) (-;

  45. Tiffany M

    I love, love, LOVE your audio books! I listen all the time. There is no better way to do dishes, run kiddos to dance, or clean the chicken coop. Thanks for the chance at a free one.

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  47. Bonnie Herbert

    I LOVE your audio books! I can’t count how many tough days at work they have gotten me through.

  48. Elorie

    I am new to audiobooks but time has gotten away from me and there are books I want to read that I cant get to. I also read while doing other things but that doesn’t work out too well so getting into audio books will be an enormous help to me and while I will miss print books, that doesn’t mean I will stop buying but I can “read” more when it is audio.

  49. Maite

    My favorite audio books are yours! It’s shows how picky you were finding the right voice for your guys! Thanks for sharing some of your acorns! 🙂

  50. Renee

    Love audio books. Makes my long commute to work go by so much quicker. Thanks for the chance for all the goodies.

  51. I love print books and audiobooks. Often I like to listen to audios of books I have already read while doing chores or driving or walking. Right now I am listening to Tequila Mockingbird. 🙂 I am just at the part where…wait, can’t say, that would be a spoiler.

  52. PJ

    I totally love audiobooks! Must confess that Tristan has become my favorite narrator. There is just something rich and textured about his voice…not to mention the accents. His voice is just plain sexy. Greg is great as well. Keep them coming. My first audiobook purchase in the m/m genre was Josh Lanyon’s “Fair Play”. It was love at first listen. I discovered your writing though your interview on Josh”s blog. What a great discovery.

  53. Colette

    Confession time, while I hated Parker, I fell in love with his voice – totally and completely. Not something I expected. So what is this about a brother?

  54. I’ve really enjoyed all of the audio books you’ve released for each series…they even made me interpret the stories a little differently…in a very pleasant way!

  55. I have never tried an audio book either. So would like to win it where I could try it! Thank you for the great post and chance to win.

  56. Carol

    Looking forward to starting an audio library, I haven’t gotten to get any yet. Yours are heading up my wish list. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway.
    flutterfli01 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  57. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to let you know that my sanity is thankful for your and Greg’s books on my commute! 🙂 Loving Cole’s series so far.

  58. June M.

    I would love to win an audio code, something to listen to at the gym when I work out….maybe it would get me there more often, lol. The alpacas are adorable too! And a happy birthday to Bianca 🙂

  59. Brenda

    Have never listened to an audio book, would like to become a convert. Also only 41 more days until Down and Dirty!! Come on 2015 🙂

  60. Sadonna

    I am embarrassed to say I haven’t listened to any m/m audiobooks. I have gotten David Sedaris books from the library but that’s it. I really need to try one 🙂

  61. Dawn

    I would be buying one of your books on audible. Love them all! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  62. Taylor

    Love Tristen and Greg!!! they are Amazing!! I have listened to the books several times! Thank you for keeping me sane Rhy!

  63. Mae

    Nothing is better than laying in bed, decompressing after a long day, listening to Tristen or Greg read one of my favorite books to me. :3

  64. Avatarminx

    I would love to get Cole and Jae in audio. I’m just getting into audio books and am really picky abt them. I think, I’ll have to try your guys regardless of whether I win a code or not. 🙂

  65. victoria95521

    I love your narrators – they sound delicious. I live way up in Humboldt County and the drive to the big city is much, much better with an audiobook. Can’t wait for your next book and audiobook.

  66. Alpaca pair, please oh please 😉 they are ridiculously adorable! Though an audiobook would be equally awesome (I’ve yet to listen to Fish and Ghosts, along with a few others still on the wishlist…). Thanks for the chance to win, no matter what.

  67. wendy

    I love audiobooks, there a must have when cleaning the house and doing the dreaded ironing. I love the sinners gin audio books Tristan does an amazing job, I’m a big fan of his narrations. I’m going to start on the Hellsinger series next, thank you for the giveaway x

  68. Sinner Gin on audio is amazing. I had a hard week at work once, came home and chilled out with the boys. Love to be able to start Hellsinger series on audio 🙂

  69. Elaine

    I am a home care nurse so I am on the road ALL the time! I would love a code or 2 or even alpacas.. LOL!

  70. San

    I love audiobooks! Especially when it comes to the Morgan family… I would love a code or alpacas they are so cute!!

  71. Heather P

    I love audiobooks! I listen to them on the way to and from work, doing laundry, cleaning the house and to fall asleep at night! Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  72. windywell

    I am an audiobook addict, and I love Cole and the Dirty series. I would appreciate a code – thanks for doing the giveaway, .

  73. Carolyn

    I have been mulling getting an audible account very, very seriously because I’m so jealous every time I hear about how great yours and others’ books are in audio. I would love to win a code (or an alpaca), but if I don’t, I will consider this one more little push from the universe that I should indeed enjoy having some awesome books performed out loud for me. Thank you once again for your generosity, Rhys.

    caroaz [at] ymail [dot] com

  74. Audiobook newbie here; I have yet to partake. But one of these days I so am. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Awesome. bethbellanca (at) gmail (dot) com

  75. Trix

    I’ve only heard a couple of audiobooks (one physical one from the library, one library one via OverDrive, and one download from Dreamspinner), but I’m willing to try more! Many thanks for the giveaway, yowza!


  76. Teresa

    I enjoy your books immensely and have listened to a few on audio. Excellent narrators. I also really like the cover art on the books.

  77. Maria T

    An audiobook code would be nice but I would love to win an alpaca 😀 Thanks for the give away!

  78. helenajust

    I LOVE audiobooks and am so pleased to hear how much care you took with finding the right narrator and helping him with the pronunciation.

  79. Fingers crossed I am not to late, thank you for a chance to win an audio code 🙂 I voted for the alpaca’s as well 😀

  80. Michelle

    Maybe I’m too late, but leaping anyway. Maybe the boat is already gone and I end up in the water. Don’t care.

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