6 thoughts on “Eric Arvin Update

  1. He is soooo damned cute! 😉 I am so happy to hear about the improvements & it seems he is more himself…ya know what I mean? It’s just all good!

  2. elaine downes

    Excellent, excellent news – what a joy to hear and see him – he has such an adorable face and he is a winner- never a loser !

  3. amy

    Oh my! What a wonderful update to see! That smile is contagious! Hoping everything is well (or getting there) for TJ.

  4. isisrising4sandra

    He sounds so much better, and the news that he can move his fingers and feel his legs and the bottoms of his feet is totally off the charts! Happy … so very happy! Thanks for keeping me updated on this, I get the notifications, but I have so much going on with FB that I often come into them late.

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