Challenge Issued.. For Bailey.

Peeps, Minions and Readers,

I’d like to issue a small challenge. Donate a dollar to Bailey’s School Fund. One dollar. Two dollars. If you all double my $100 donation by the end of this week, I’ll do a Peen-Week on the Morning Shots AND give a 25 dollar gift certificate to a randomly chosen contributor. Leave a message in the comment section of the GOFUNDME page that you are responding to the Rhys Ford Challenge and also send a bit of support to someone who needs it.

Now I don’t do these. Well, Eric and TJ. But all, something… dunno. Hit. Maybe because I’ve been there. I’ve been where Bailey is. Where this family is. It fucking sucks and damn it, it’s such a small thing for us now but so big back then. Over there. Where they are now.

So it’s on, Peeps!

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