Anyone Following Dude?

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June 28 

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June 28
Part 6: 3 Chicks After Dark —
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29 thoughts on “Anyone Following Dude?

  1. Lindsayb

    I’m enjoying following Dude. I remember several years back Dean Koontz’s late dog Trixie had an emailing list from her perspective. The emails were super cute. I guess I should stop complaining about stepping in cat barf though, after reading about Dude’s squirrel. Yuck.

  2. tweetybyrd

    Love reading Dude’s thoughts & his interactions with everyone. His thoughts & efforts to help Miki are so well written & heart tugging. In just a few words you resurrected Miki’s devastation over his losses & Dude’s distress & machinations for Miki. And Dude’s assessment of cats are spot on!
    I would love to own the short story for my collection of your novels but I must admit that hopping around the blogs has been fun.
    Thanks for this lovely glimpse into Dude’s world!

    1. I’ll be posting a full rendering of Hair of The Dog after the blog 😀 So you can find it 😀 I’ll have it in mobi, pdf and ePub 😀 Free 😀

  3. Shelley

    Thoroughly enjoying Dude’s POV – thank you for these little snippets of his thoughts.

  4. mejones2u

    Part Six link isn’t working but otherwise, yes very much enjoying the inner dialogue. Got a past life regression thing going on?? 😉

  5. steelergrrl43

    I’m loving hearing this from Dude’s perspective. It’s awesome. I’ve already finished my copy of Tequila Mockingbird which may not have been wish because now I want the next one in the series.

  6. I’m following Dude’s trail, actually check it out before going to work in the morning. Dude is definitely top dog, he’s now reaping his rewards; though I’m sure the cat wearing Dude’s souvenir won’t think of it that way. LOL!

  7. Joy Walker Hall

    Yes….of course I’m following him. His narrative is the best. I think he must be whispering in your ear.

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