18 thoughts on “News, More News, And A Cover Reveal From Rhys Ford

  1. My heart was pounding while reading the updates! Although a couple things are coming to a close, they are not completely leaving us. But this makes room for new adventures and I know they’ll be wonderful to read! While I was reading about book updates I was also wondering how You are doing?! That’s an important update too. Hope all is well and thank you! *hugs*

    1. I could really use a nap πŸ˜€ Heh. πŸ˜€ And more coffee! Um…. we have no water. A pipe burst under the house and they got rid of the lake so the plumber can go under there now. But it’s all good!

  2. Ka

    I have mixed feelings, I love Cole and Jae but I know it can’t go on for ever. Pleased to hear about a one off mystery though xxx.

  3. Joy Walker Hall

    As I said in fb, I’m going to miss them. I was surprised that it hit me like that because, after all, they’re fiction, but I sniffled for a long time. Please create a new mystery series (because I love mysteries). Love the new cover and Duck sounds fun. Thank you for many hours of enjoyment and your writing is amazing.

  4. Treasure

    It’s sad about Cole and Jae, but great news for Kai and Black Dog Blues.

    Now do the dogs get an indoor pool with the flood?

  5. Hmmm…more is good! *revels in greed for a moment or two*
    It is always hard when a series wraps up, but I look forward to seeing where Jae & Cole end up…finally we will find out what went so wrong with Ben!!

  6. So much news, I think my brain just exploded…is that confetti? Of course I knew that there would be only so much Sinners and Cole/Jae so it’s sad but knowing that they might show up every once in awhile will be nice. Really glad about Kai, was eagerly waiting for this news. The Four *ears perked* what, when, who; yeah I got twitchy but I shall keep my cool…pffft. Creature Feature 2, and a whole new series…consider me over the moon, now I’ll stop before I drool all over the keyboard. Congrats to you Rhys, and these will definitely be on my auto buy list. πŸ˜€

  7. sunny

    Beautiful new cover. For what its worth I fell in love with mikki. I could never get tired of his doings.

  8. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE what you have brought into my M/M life!! From the awesome book covers, gut wrenching stories, hotness eye candy, ono looking grinds, & many-many more!!
    MAHALO for Cole & Jae…and the many colorful people in your Cole McGinnis Series. “Dirty Kiss” was one of the 1st M/M romance books that I started reading in that genres. After over 25 years of reading heterosexual romance books, when my divorce started 3-yrs ago, I could NOT read another romance book. When I felt I was ready to read again, I could not do it but I really wanted to read something-anything! I discovered M/M and while trying to figure out which authors to choose from, I say that you where from Hawaii and I thought “What the hell, she’s from Hawaii so it has to be good”. I am so freakin’ glad that I did!! Your one of the few that I can re-read your books without getting tired of it!! Mahalo for all your hard work in bring all these awesomeness stories!! Now go back to writing!! LOL!! <3

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