Let’s Talk DSP Author Workshop

I cannot even begin to describe the awesome of this event and the people.

Caveat this with I was getting sick and grumpy so I probably snarled, growled and complained ad nauseum by the time I left. I blame the germs. Okay, maybe I am just naturally snarly and growly but damn it, work with me.

Elizabeth North is… simply wonderful. No words for this woman. I would walk through a flaming forest for this woman. And the rest of the DSP Crew are incredible. I cannot ask for a better organization to have with me as I attempt to scribble down a few thoughts onto pixels. They make my life a hell of a lot easier and so much fun as well.

My fellow authors… hell, truthfully I can fangirl like no one’s business. Everyone I met, new and renewed peeps, guh. I can’t even list everyone. Because I spoke and basked in the warmth of so many.

And some of them even let me drive them around Portland. Pretty sure that’s only happening once. *grins*

Went to the Japanese Gardens… I’ll post pix once I get them off my memory card.

Made a few writing goals… hopefully I’ll get that going soon.

My arm is bruised from a certain person. Any writing delays are her fault.

Ate a Voodoo Donut. It was good. Peeled off half of the maple topping and gave it to Amy Lane because she’s a mom and eats leftover things. Okay no she likes the frosting. I like the cake. We are a pair. And she’s a love for putting up with me.

God, see? I name one person and now I’m all… have to name everyone. Shit, it’ll be like tagging all of my friends list.

BUT I have to tag the Squirrel Den Crewe, Lou Sylvre Venona Keyes and LE Franks

Dudes, apparently the bra isn’t Lou’s. *grins*

For those who were in on the conversation about Jacob Flores’ lack of cooking skills… here are some helpful links to better your day. And for God’s sake, get a rice cooker.



Elizabeth North is really awesome.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk DSP Author Workshop

  1. Marcine

    Hope you enjoyed Portland. You should check out the coast if you have time, our beaches are beautiful. If not Cirque is in town at the Expo center, I went yesterday and as always it was great. I love your books, and I am looking forward to getting Tequila Mockingbird.

  2. Rachael

    California driver in Portland!!? Aaagh! Cowering on my bike! Seriously, hope you can come back when you are feeling good to see all that we have to offer. Glad you made it home ok.

    1. Oh god yes, California drivers do not fare well in Portland 😀 The bikes were okay it was those in the cars. I’m all… dude, just fricking turn. Don’t debate if the universe really wants you to turn up down Burnside.

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