The Devil’s Brew Snippet

The Devils Brew Rhys Ford CoverReleasing May 21 from Dreamspinner Press

Snippet from The Devil’s Brew…

They switched off, passing over a soda for a helping of food, and Miki made a face at Damie’s drenching a pile of fries with rooster sauce. After breaking off a piece from a strip of deep-fried, panko-coated cod, Miki dropped the bite-sized piece onto the paper and blew on his fingers to cool them off.

“You never could wait,” Damien said wistfully.

They felt right sitting there—together—their knees touching and blocking the wind from chilling their hot fish and chips with their legs. Miki’s eyes drifted to the right, where another bench sat waiting for another pair of men who’d never sit there again, and he blinked, wiping away the sting of tears forming in his eyes.

If he listened carefully, Miki could almost hear Dave’s soft, rolling laugh and Johnny teasing the Southern man about the merits of mashed potatoes over grits. They’d both stuck to the fish, even when Felix got his hands on Dungeness crab to make into cakes. Damien’d sworn they were the best he’d ever tasted, but Johnny refused to put anything that came out of a shell into his mouth. Dave just said he was a purist, sticking to what Jesus gave the masses to eat.

Until Damien pointed out draft beer wasn’t on the Jesus menu, and Dave retorted wine was a pussy drink.

15 thoughts on “The Devil’s Brew Snippet

  1. Patricia

    Love the compact description and Miki’s point of view.The title is perfect. Can’t wait for this one!

  2. Phyllis

    can. not. hardly wait.

    love Miki!!…and Damie!!…and the future members of Sinners Gin!! (god I love that title)

    would probably be as bad as Mrs. B, Kane’s mom, if I could be, and smother Miki with kisses and hugs…and be a general *p in the a *…^♡^

    thanks Rhys

  3. Renee

    That’s it!!! You’re killing me! Miki is my favorite of all your characters. Cannot wait for the next book.

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