13 thoughts on “Catch up with Neko at Gay List Book Reviews!

  1. Phyllis

    that was hilarious; love how Neko thinks.
    glad to hear she will stay Neko and not turn into a shapeshifter(that boggles the mind—Neko as a human!!!) or move out in a snit or exile herself or…
    anyway I agree, more tuna and fewer tears is indeed a good bench mark on the quality of life
    thanks Rhys for letting us visit with her (cats always seem to have such a unique out look on life)

  2. Renee

    I love that Neko calls Jae and Ichi minions but Cole is Cole-ah – she loves him and totally understands Jae!

    Cats are so awesome

  3. Joy

    She is my favorite cat in literature. She has been known to give me big giggles several times a book and the interactions are a hoot! I’ve been trying to get some of my other cat loving friends to read the books.

    A fun interview!

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