Rhys Ford’s Dirty Deeds. Soon. So Soon.

Dirty_Deeds_CoverWhen I first started on this writing thing, I never thought I’d be curving into the fourth book of Cole McGinnis’ life and struggles with … well, life. That’s not something they teach you in writers’ school. That you’d have to do these long arcs and…. Wait, there is no writers’ school.

I mean you can definitely take classes to help you learn what to do and what things are called but in the end, it’s kind of up to you and your brain.

And sometimes that can be a very scary thing.

It’s not just about the writing. It’s kind of also about trying to wave a flag about to tell people you’ve got the best word churros in town. This may or may not be a lie. You can never know. Thing is with writing… kind of like making churros.. there comes a time when you are so immersed into the ingredients you no longer can taste the churro. Or the book. You are going in there on faith.

Okay, I am going in there on faith.

When I write, I have to tell you I don’t think about anyone actually reading what is going down on the page. Mostly I’m trying to get comfortable, keeping my computer desk at the proper height because my fat Yoshiko sits on it and there’s no clamp in the world that can stop gravity and heavy cat. I worry about plot and plot holes. I go take a shower and have a stupid idea on what is going to happen in a chapter I’m not even near yet.

So here we are, book four of a series that started with Cole McGinnis running through a garden being shot at by a old German woman in bondage gear. It’s been a fun ride. It’s been an exhausting ride but we’ve got a few more to go yet.

But… I wanted to say thank you. To all of you. You’ve made this a fantastic journey and I couldn’t have gotten past the first story without you. Smoooches and please, accept my gratitude.

And I hope you enjoy Dirty Deeds.

Crap… I always forget this stuff. Dudes, really… I know… I have to. I should but come on! I forget!

Rhys Ford’s Dirty Deeds may be purchased at: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=4780

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26 thoughts on “Rhys Ford’s Dirty Deeds. Soon. So Soon.

  1. nordicgirl_2013

    Thanks for sharing Cole & Jae with us! And all the other fabulous characters, of course.

    Hanne 😚

  2. Nancy

    This train ain’t leavin’ the station without you. Thanks for giving me so many enjoyable hours living someone else’s life. Keep ’em comin’.

  3. Devony

    Thank you for sharing your churros!…they are yummy! 😉 *hugs*
    Seriously…haven’t met a story of yours that was anything but wonderful. There are moments that stay with me…the hospital scene between Cole & Claudia still makes me cry. So thank.

      1. Devony

        Gah…obviously need more coffee. I meant so thank you lol *shakes head*
        Hmmm I look forward to reading it! 😀 Gotta love Claudia!

  4. StephanieS

    Oh, now that last comment was just a tease! What a great book to get before the weekend. I know it will be great.

  5. Victoria L.

    Patience is NOT one of my virtues! The wait for this book and the next one in the Sinner’s story is killing me!!!

  6. Andrea M

    Every book you’ve written has been addictive; all I can say is, keep feeding my addiction. I do not want to be cured!

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