We Said Goodbye to A Friend Today

My Old Man Dog Jax passed away today while I was driving up to Palm Springs. My sister found him in my bed, snuggled up into my pillows. He’d passed in his sleep which is exactly how I’d want him to go on. He was comfortable and happy. I’d spent an hour with him this morning before I headed up scritching him and he’d had a really good day.

He was quite old. And he’d been a rescue who’d had a horrible life before he moved in with us. After that, it was all cookies, sweaters when it was cold and memory foam mattresses to sleep on. And sunbeams. Food whenever he wanted it and all the clean water he could have. As well as a few beef bones now and then. He had dog brothers to play with and a couple of cats he could roomba into since he’d gone blind. Personally I think he was faking it more than a few times just so he could bump into the cats.

I’m okay. Everyone’s fine. When I’d left him he’d been snoring, in a sunbeam and happy. He had that life for more than fifteen years. And he was a good dog.

40 thoughts on “We Said Goodbye to A Friend Today

  1. Nancy

    I am sorry for your loss. It always hurts when they go over the rainbow bridge. Sounds like you gave Jax a wonderful life and I know he’s left you with many happy memories. Hugs, Rhys. Hugs.

  2. Sharon Cox

    I’m glad that he found such a loving home. Thank-you for taking him in and looking after him.

  3. Patricia

    These are the best kind of dogs. Mine’s a rescue dog too, a wacky blend of Dalmation spots and Terrier curlicues. And had been abused before we got her. Glad your dog passed in a ray of sunbeam.

  4. He had a good life thanks to you and you have good memories thanks to him. The good memories help us in times of sadness. Big hug.

  5. Venecia

    I’m sorry for your loss Rhys. It sounds like the two of you had a wonderful time together and he left this plane infinitely happier than he entered. it. RIP Jax.

  6. Madonna

    A life well lived. A fur-ever friend in good times and bad, contented belly rubs and years of joy.

  7. Treasure

    I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s never easy. I think we all hope for our loved ones that when their time comes it is peaceful and in their sleep. You’ll see each other again across the bridge

  8. I’m sorry for your loss. I know you’ll miss him terribly. He had a beautiful happy life with you and I’m glad his death was equally peaceful. *hugs*

    1. He really went the way I’d wanna go. Feather pillows, lying in the sunbeam after having a cookie πŸ˜€ Can’t get any better than that

  9. Leigh

    I am sorry for you loss. Its never an easy thing when our pet family leaves us. I just lost one of mine on Wednesday after 9 years together. *hugs* and doggy kisses.

  10. Devony

    *hugs*…a good way to go for your old friend. It may have been his time, but I am sure you all will still miss seeing his face. Sooo sorry for your loss πŸ™

  11. Lindsayb

    So sorry for your loss. We lost our cat Annabelle to congestive heart failure of all things. I know how hard it is to loose an awesome friend.

  12. Marilyn Adam

    And he was so loved! Our pets are like our children except they love us unconditionally. This is such a gift. I’m certain you both were thankful for every single day you had together

  13. secretobcession1

    Awwww…so sorry for your loss. No matter if expected or not…the loss still hurts. It sounds like you had spent a good morning with him prior to leaving for your trip and that he left this world in the very best way possible.

    We lost our 15 yr old Spinger 10 years ago…I still miss him. In the end you know in your heart that they are in a better place now…no longer hurting, blind, suffering etc…no matter what their problems were in the end…they’ve crossed that rainbow bridge into a world of sunshine where they are forever free to run & play…forever healthy.


  14. Lois Who Reads

    Losing our pets/furry family members is so tough, but at least you know that you gave him happy years and love to make up for those hard years he had before he came into your life.

  15. Renee

    Sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is tough, no matter what. Sounds like he had a great life with you and he was happy and that’s all you can ask for. Going out in your sleep in a sunbeam sounds like the best way to go.

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