This Weekend, Come Hang Out With Me–Rhys Ford! And on Sat, Amy Lane and Charlie Cochet!

1623510_574807125943830_1504833454_nI’m kind of all over the internet this weekend. No really. Or at least that is what it will feel like. I will be LIVE FROM SAN DIEGO on Sat AND Sun!


First on Saturday Feb 22!
I am going to be joining Amy Lane and Charle Cochet on Google Hangouts this Saturday, 5-6 pm EST/ 2-3 pm PST! We’ll be answering your questions live and on video chat.

If you have anything you’d like to ask these fabulous authors or me, please let me know and I’ll forward them along for the event. You’ll also be able to ask them live during the Chat so come on by.

I’ll provide a chat link before we go live and the chat will be available on youtube later if you can’t be there.

THEN on Sunday, Feb 23!
I will be having a Facebook Chat on Sunday from from 12-3pm EST/9am-12pm PST! Here me read from Clockwork Tangerine! Hear me read from Dirty Deeds. Watch me release parts of Tequila Mockingbird. See me juggle!

Okay that last part—not so much. I’d bonk my head. But come by. There will be giveaways and sparkly things. Maybe even a baby wombat. Who JUGGLES!

Dreamspinner Facebook Chat will be here

4 thoughts on “This Weekend, Come Hang Out With Me–Rhys Ford! And on Sat, Amy Lane and Charlie Cochet!

  1. devony31

    Hmm…this may well end up more a rant than a question. *looks apologetic*
    So I am reading a short story & I am just irritated. Every time the secondary MC is thinking about his love interest he refers to him as ‘his little man’. *twitches*
    …am I being too critical here? I mean I adore nick names & soppy endearments, but this one & others that are similar that I have found in other stories just come off as soooo condescending! At least in my opinion. I mean even the hetero version would make me grumble….when has any chick appreciated being seriously referred to as ‘ the little woman’ ?!….how is that romantic or cute or in any way sexy?!
    Huh…yep rant *sighs*

    So legitimate question for you & the other authors…
    When you all are mulling over a new story ,how many times do you change your mind about your MCs before they fall into line for your story?* has mental picture of herding cats* I mean their names & personalities/quirks? Or is it something that just happens when the story comes to mind & they are just there & ready to go?

    *blinks*…I hope any of that made sense? lol

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever used “little man” but I DO know of a man who calls his wife of 45 plus years, “my bride” which always made me go awwwwww. Some people might go awwww at little man. I dunno.

      Some fall into place very easy. Others, like Kane… take some time. Names are very important. They have to taste right.

      I am glad you’re comfortable with me to have a rant and ask a question about how I view things. *hugs*

  2. devony31

    😉 *hugs*
    Well you make it easy to feel comfortable. Don’t know if it’s said often,but the fact that you actually respond is very cool! Not all authors do *shrugs* you all have busy lives , so I get it…but you & the few others I have found that take time to answer my pestering are gems! *grins*
    Just so ya know I have no issue with your stories pet names and such…this rant sprang from an author I had never tried *frowns* I couldn’t finish the story. It wasn’t just the repeated ‘ little man’ comments I kept tripping over, no the story itself was just meh…I almost posted a review, but if I do I would rather think on it a bit then post it annoyed heh

    *winces*…so glad you don’t mind a bit of a ramble!

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