Good News: Eric Update

1470362_263238180496034_20054493_nTJ Writes: I know I said I needed to take a break and maybe I do, but I couldn’t just leave it sounding so down.

In one day, this new hospital has done more for Eric than the previous hospital did in the entire two weeks. They are giving us HOPE. They are talking to him directly, treating him like a goddamn human being. He has already been seen by doctors and therapists and anyone else that can find some way to help him. They plan on having him up and in a wheelchair as soon as possible to get him used to being upright again.

And the best part? His left foot moved. HE WAS MOVING HIS LEFT FOOT. Not a fucking nerve reaction. Not a fucking glitch. He was MOVING HIS LEFT FOOT.

Some of these days are hard. Some of them are dark. But then some days, like today, I am filled with so much hope that I am about to burst. It sucks that he is so far away, but FUCK that previous hospital. Fuck them for trying to take our hope away. We may not get back to where we were, but it’s not going to be because we haven’t fought for it.

Let’s GO, let’s GO, let’s GO!!

16 thoughts on “Good News: Eric Update

  1. Elorie

    Hurrah! I knew the two of you could do it!!! I just knew it! You have so much to look forward to and all of us will be rooting all the way! You make the hard choices but the result is worth it. HE MOVED HIS FOOT!!!! YAY YAY YAY!!! You ARE GOING!!!

  2. Anita J

    There are bad things that happen in life that make us ask why. What we think we know about love pales in comparison to the depths of love we experience when some of those life events awaken us to the reality that it’s not important to know why…it’s only important that we love…unconditionally. That assures hope never dies! So glad to hear positive news!

  3. Renee

    Hope is a huge thing! While there is life there is always hope. Never let the naysayers gain ground – so glad the move to the new hospital is so positive. I’m sorry that TJ is so far away, but as long as Eric is getting the care he needs, it will all be worth it in the end. I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Let’s GO!!!!

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