TJ and Eric Update

Status UpdateBy Tj Klune
I received a phone call at 1230 last night. It was the hospital Eric was at, saying they couldn’t get his breathing under control and they were transferring him to a bigger hospital.

I drove down to Richmond right then. I arrived at the new hospital and found Eric to be absolutely terrified, unsure about what any was going on. Not only that, his breathing was where it normally was.

We were in the ER for 15 hours today, from about 130 in the morning until about four. What we learned? Nothing. Eric’s respiratory hospital transferred him prematurely and without good reason.

To say I was infuriated was an understatement. Luckily for me, a Rep from Eric’s respiratory hosp was at the ER talking to the nurses. He listened to me with great concern, promising he’d tell the head of nursing and the director of the hospital my concerns. This place has not put Eric first. If there is one thing you should not do, it’s fuck with Eric when I still have a breath in my body.

I met with the Director and head of nursing this afternoon. They were horrified at everything I discussed that has happened in this hospital so far. They promised huge and significant changes. If there is no improvement within the next few days, I am moving Eric elsewhere. We don’t have time for their bullshit. We have a fucking wedding to plan.

Now, I’m going to go sleep forever.

14 thoughts on “TJ and Eric Update

  1. Devony

    I understand T.J. Being pissed*scowls*… To scare them both so badly & move Eric around like that is wrong on so many levels! I sincerely hope that whomever was in charge of that flustercluck pays dearly! God…people who come to them…freaking pay them…have obviously already been through hell. Why would they be put through that for what sounds like no reason?!
    …I am at a complete loss*shakes head*

  2. Devony

    Good! It will keep them in good stead…but that should just not have happened.
    I know! People being human & all.*mutters*
    Eric is just so vulnerable right now…not being able to really talk.Its bad enough ,I have no doubt, that Eric has so little control of his body right now… What they did to him is just wrong! I can imagine protective does’t even cover what T.J. must feel right now.

    1. The OMG something’s wrong only to find out that no, it’s normal is certainly not a drama they needed. Poor things. TJ will be serving heads on a silver platter 😀

  3. Patricia

    Been there, done that….Being an advocate helps but sometimes things go wrong…Eric is so lucky that TJ is now right there. God bless ’em.

  4. Phyllis

    it says a lot about our medical system when people who are weak and vulnerable,and sick with anxiety, still have to watch every single move like a hawk.
    lets hope this was the one big *mistake* and it will be smooth from here on out.
    God bless TJ for being *fierce* and even more for being knowledgable and a fighter.
    I bet he’s one helluva an insurance adjuster. *grinning fiercely *
    God bless them both *hugs and hugs*

  5. Elorie

    That is horrible! It sounds like they just weren’t paying attention or are fatally incompetent. You did the absolute right thing and giving those administrators a rant they wont forget was what I would do, too. Too bad there was so much drama. That cant be good for either of you. Have to say that despite working with hospitals, there are very few I would recommend. Just keep hanging in there.

  6. Trix

    When my dad was sick, my mom definitely had to be ever-vigilant, and it looks like that’s the case for everybody that gets in a hospital care situation. I had so, so hoped that TJ and Eric would get to beat that rap! It’s so wrong that at the exact time when everybody feels so vulnerable, confidence in the hospital gets shaken. I know TJ will kick ass and take names, but it’s still unfair.

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