Taste of Rhys Ford’s Dirty Deeds

Dirty_Deeds_CoverExcerpt from Dirty Deeds

We went to bed that night and lay on opposite sides of the bed for about fifteen minutes. Then, I rolled over to reach for him and Jae was already there, folding his arms around my body and kissing my face. I’d needed to touch him, to know he was there, and I’d moved without even thinking about it.

“I’m sorry,” I murmured into his neck. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Cole-ah, some days you hurt me simply by breathing.” His words were quick, short jabs, but they found their mark, leaving me bleeding out through a thousand shallow cuts. “And then there are days when I love you so much I don’t mind the pain.”

His kiss healed anything left over after the initial volley, and I cuddled him close, reveling in the feel of his skin on mine. We often slept naked, a risk sometimes, especially if one of us forgot to trim Neko’s nails, but he felt damned good on me, a satiny length of sensual comfort on my rough emotions.

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  1. Phyllis


    You cut it off too soon!!!#!
    i felt like you seized my heart and it hurt for both of them…and then u cut off the thought and my heart will remain seized for them till march or *maaaaarch* (*hehehehe…gasp…snort*).

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