TJ and Eric Update! Dec 31 2013

TJ Writes:

Eric is doing good, having had a couple of restful days in a row, something his body sorely needs in order to begin to heal itself. I am continually surprised by his resilience to everything thrown at him. Not only is his breathing good, he responded to tests designed to detect sensation in his appendages. They are called pain tests, and the object is to have the foot or hand pull away from pressing lightly against a nerve in the finger or toes. Both hands and both feet pulled away. I get a little more hopeful each day. He’s strong, that one is.

I got to speak to him on the phone this morning. The nurse called me, saying he wanted to hear my voice. I spoke and he listened because he can’t really vocalize around the trach as of yet. I can’t wait to hear his voice again, clear of tubes and pain.

2013 did not end the way I wanted it too. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. But rather than focus on just that, I have to remember that while it ended terribly, the first 11 1/2 months were the best of my life. Even though the last few weeks have been dark, I have found that not only is Eric the strongest man I know, I have the best of friends who have our backs no matter what. And it turns out that while I may crack, I will not be broken.

2014 is going to be tough, but you know what? Fuck it. Bring it on. I can take it.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.

10 thoughts on “TJ and Eric Update! Dec 31 2013

  1. Elorie

    Hopefully, as they got it all this time, there wont be a recurrence and you wont have to go through this again. It did bring out the deepest best of both of you, although one might wish it had not to come out this way. As a massage therapist myself, as soon as okayed by doctors etc, get someone to work on his muscles, legs, arms, back abdomen, to help relax the undoubtedly tense limbs and body. It will also help with his rehab and start teaching the muscles how to work again. You are right, it will be a long road to travel but just having each other will make it bearable and watching him heal and grow strong will make it worth while. Good luck and all the strength and good wishes I can send.

    1. THis is the second operation he’s had on this site. The first time, the doctor who did the surgery didn’t get it all. This time–this doctor–appears to have gotten it all done. Eric’s really healthy and works out so rehab is something he’s looking forward to. So happy! 😀 He’s going into a rehab facility first 😀

  2. Renee

    TJ, the news does keep getting better though. Keep strong. Let’s go, Let’s go, LET’S GO!!!

      1. Renee

        It is such good news that he has positive feeling already. It will be a long road, but it seems like they have such a great support system. I cried again when I saw this update because it has to be so hard for TJ to watch this happen, but I have faith it will all work out. So glad this doctor got it all.

  3. Lisa

    So glad to hear that Eric is improving. Even though they have been through hell the past few weeks, the most important thing is that they will be starting off 2014 together. Wishing them both the very best. 🙂

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