TJ and Eric Update

Tj Klune updated his status: “Went home yesterday and working today and will do so again tomorrow. I will go back up to Richmond on Wednesday and stay there the rest of the week and make sure that I’m there when Eric is transported to the new respiratory hospital to begin the next phase in his recovery.

The house is empty without him there, and far too quiet. It’s funny, really. I’ve survived 30 years without him and now I find myself counting down the hours until I’m back at the hospital. The nurses all seem surprised when they find out we’ve only been together fifteen months. “I thought it was so much longer,” they all said. I don’t know what it is about me and him. We’ve always been in sync with each other in a way I’ve never been with anyone else. It might be clichéd and trite, but he makes me whole and without him by my side, part of me is missing.

Ah, but enough of the maudlin speak! Every day he gets just a little bit stronger. Every day is one day closer till he gets to come home again. And every day is one that I am grateful to have because every day I put on the engagement ring I gave him and tell myself that soon enough, he’ll be able to wear it again.”

8 thoughts on “TJ and Eric Update

  1. Phyllis

    thanks for the updates.
    we are all pulling for you TJ. Hang in there your not alone.
    Eric will make it, it may take time but he has you so he will make it.

  2. Renee

    Thanks Rhys for the continued updates. Let TJ know that we’re all pulling for them, praying for them and hoping for continued good news. They have a long road ahead of them, but there are so many people who care – even if it’s someone like me who has never met them, the support is still there – they are not alone. It’s all good.

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