TJ and Eric Update: Post-Op

I teared up and not just because I got Vick’s VapoRub in my eye.

From Tj Klune
Eric’s post-surgical MRI results came in. The neuro was right: he was able to remove the entire hemangioma. This is huge. As long as there is no damage to his brain stem from the surgery, he might be able to return to how he was prior to this whole mess. It will take time, but time we’ve got.

18 thoughts on “TJ and Eric Update: Post-Op

  1. Wonderfully awesome news!!! 😀 Been stalking Rhys’ website daily for the updates.

    P.S. Hey Rhys I hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

  2. Theresa

    Oh I’m so pleased.
    I’ve been watching for days with my fingers crossed for them both.

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