A Different but Oh So Good Morning! (TJ and Eric)

TJ Posts:

Eric : Let’s have a cookie.

Me: You can’t.

Eric: Why?

Me: The nurse will kick me out if I tried to give you a cookie.

Eric: I won’t tell her.

Me: She’ll know.

Eric: Well, she’s mean and I don’t like her.

First day after surgery and he is already trying to get me in trouble.

16 thoughts on “A Different but Oh So Good Morning! (TJ and Eric)

  1. chrysalis1975

    so happy he’s around to GIVE Tj trouble 🙂 Such a wonderful conversation!!

  2. Angel

    With so many good thoughts, prayers and well wishes being send their way, he’s going to recover in no time at all! Give the damn man a cookie. He deserves it:)

  3. Trix

    The first of many happy Muppet moments for TJ and Eric post-op, I hope!

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