Got a Question for Rhys Ford?


It’s question and answer time! I’ve got a facebook chat coming up this Saturday. It’ll be from 9 am PST to Noon on Dreamspinner’s Facebook page. I’ll post a link before it starts.

There will be giveaways … wooooooot free stuff! And readings and um…. Something. What? I didn’t know there’d be a test!

But one of the things I do ask ahead of time… like right now… is if there are any questions you might have for me. I’ll answer them on Saturday and then post links here for everyone who couldn’t make it.

I’ll be doing readings from FOUR pieces this time around. Probably. Yes. *nods*

I have coming up: Fish and Ghosts, Dirty Deeds, Clockwork Tangerine and Tequila Mockingbird and I’ll talk a bit about Devil’s Brew, which is a short being released just before Tequila. I’ll also be talking about coming books like Bobby and Ichi in Down and Dirty.

So, be sure to come on by. Win stuff! Get drunk! Okay, that’s on you but I shall NOT judge!

Leave your questions here and yeah, pretty much anything you want to ask. Any book…any series.

Hope to see you there.

12 thoughts on “Got a Question for Rhys Ford?

  1. Venecia

    You may have mentioned this somewhere already, but are you of Korean ancestry? One of the things I love the most about the Cole McGinnis series is the look at another culture.

  2. My question is for Tequila Mockingbird. Will the book be starting out with how Connor and Forest meet going into Connor realizing he’s in love later on in the book? Or will we meet them already having feelings for each other in the beginning? I’m sooo excited, thanks so much!!

  3. Treasure

    I have a few questions about Jae Min’s time line. Was he born here in the states? It sounds like it, which would make him exempt from Korean Military duty Yes? But he learned to drive in Seoul? So he has spent a lot of time in Seoul?

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