TJ and Eric Update Dec 21 2013

From TJ:

I am hesitant to write this, only because I haven’t completely wrapped my head around it yet.

We received some very difficult news from the neurologist last night. Our friends and family are aware. This is meant to let you all know what will happen in the near future.

Eric has what is known as a cavernous hemangioma attached to his brain stem. This is a non-cancerous, calcified tumor. He actually has multiple hemangioma’s in his brain, but it is the one on the brain stem causing the issues. He had an operation back in 2005 on the brain stem to remove as much of it as possible. Unfortunately, it grew back. This led to the significant breathing issues he has been having as part of the brain stem controls breathing.

He has two options. The first option is to do nothing. Eventually, and probably quite soon, Eric’s brain stem will be cut off from the rest of his body, causing quadriplegia, and eventually death.

The other option is surgery on the brain stem, and all the risks that come along with it. The neurologist, as blunt as a person could be, basically said the highest hope would be to preserve how Eric is now, with a traech or attached to a ventilator for the rest of his life. The choice is going to be up to Eric.

But since I know my husband to be very well, I know he is going to choose to fight. Because he has so much to fight for. He has done this once before and he can do it again. And I will be damned if I am going to let this be the thing that takes him away from me. He will have the surgery, and it will be next week, hopefully sooner rather than later. If you believe in a higher power, please pray. If you don’t, just keep him in your thoughts. He is the greatest man I’ve ever had the pleasure to know, and the fact that he chose to love me out of everyone in the world is something I don’t know that I deserve. And even if my heart is breaking, I will hold it together for him.

17 thoughts on “TJ and Eric Update Dec 21 2013

  1. Bonnie Herbert

    I have been praying and will continue praying as hard as I can for them both. I truly believe in the power of prayer and I don’t want anything to take TJ’s joy in Christmas away from him. Please, everyone pray for a Christmas miracle and I believe it will come true.

  2. Devony

    :(…what fracking great choices they have.
    I will hold them in my thoughts & join the rest of you in wishing for that Christmas miracle.

      1. Devony

        *hugs*…I saw! Thank you 🙂
        If anyone can swing it, I think it will be these two!…they have such heart.

  3. Ka

    This is heartbreaking, my heart and thoughts go out to them both with a lot of PMA. I don’t pray, I don’t believe in one god, but positive mental attitude goes a long way to helping a situation xx

  4. Hunt

    TJ and Eric deserve each other! They are both so strong, and you can just see the love flowing between them.

  5. Elorie

    Best wishes and all the luck possible sent to you two guys. I am so glad I got to meet you at GLR and hope to see you both at the next one. If anyone deserves a miracle and happiest of all ever afters, they do. Strength, love and the purest of white light.

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