State of the Rhys, Books and Passes

FishandGhosts_Ford_FinalSo…. Fish and Ghosts drops on December 30th. It’s kind of snuck up on me because I’m nose deep… er really so fricking past nose deep on Tequila Mockingbird that I’m coming up for air and saying… Shit! Tristan and Wolf… whom I LOVE.


How much do I adore writing this couple? I hadn’t planned on Fish and Ghosts to be anything past a one off. Yep. I was all, hey let’s do a paranormal and make it fun and maybe a bit scary-ish but nothing too serious. A fun book.

Yeah, about that. No, instead it’s spun off into a series and I’ve got to come up with another Wolf and Tris adventure. *grins* RIGHT after I finish Tequila Mockingbird—Connor and Forest’s story.

My year is already planned out. Deadlines are stacking up as are Publication dates. In fact, it kind of looks like this in the first half of 2014.

  • Clockwork Tangerine (novella) is Feb. 19
  • Dirty Deeds is Mar. 28
  • Devil’s Brew (novella) is May 21
  • Tequila Mockingbird is 2Q 2014

Clockwork TangerineI don’t think I’ve done anything but fret over Clockwork. Steampunk is a damned hard genre and doing it in a novella was a challenge. But I’m pretty happy with what came out. Really, I’d love to go back and visit the world again. If only to see what Robin’s blown up at Marcus’ estate.

Dirty Deeds is the next Cole and Jae book. I’ll be working on its cover soon. I really want to get Tequila done since its deadline is nipping at my tail. Look for something different in Deeds. This book is more Cole centric and he’s battling his own demons. Jae’s—Jae. And a happy Jae. 😀

Devil’s Brew isn’t something I’ve spoken about but it’s a short novella featuring Miki and Kane. Keep in mind, this novella does lead into Tequila Mockingbird’s release and I took the time to explore a few things Damie and Miki needed talking on in this. Mostly though, it’s about Miki trying to deal with a “normal” perspective of Valentine’s Day. Miki does not do normal well.

salt-and-tequilaThis leads me to Tequila Mockingbird—and Connor and Forest. Dudes, this book is killing me. Really. It’s a delicate balance of so many things I am breaking my brain. Just finished a sex scene and am thinking—dear God why is every chapter like four thousand plus words? It’s probably going to be the longest of the series but that’s just because of the subject matter of Connor exploring his sexuality. I do hope you all enjoy it. Breaking. Me. *grins*

This is only the first half of the year. There’s other projects in the works. In fact, everything I’m talking about now is either written or mostly written (Tequila Mockingbird is the almost). I’ll have a few more projects in 2014, including a co-write project I’m rather excited about.

But first, Fish and Ghosts!

There’ll be contests and Giveaways and the what nots. Please watch this space for a chance to win things AND I’ll be doing a Facebook chat on December 28th at 9 am Pacific Standard time. I’ll be doing readings and um.. giving stuff out.

Sinners_Gin_Pass_frontLastly, Sinner’s Gin backstage passes. I’ve got about seventy of them left so, first come first serve if you want one. If I run out, I’ll try to order some more in the coming months so no worries if you don’t get on this wave. Although really, I don’t think I’ll run out.

Just email me your address and I’ll send one along. Let me know if you want it signed. I’ll have to get envelopes. International is fine. Really. Dudes. Least I can do. Drop me a line at rhysford (at) vitaenoir (dot) com.

Much love. Stay warm if it’s cold where you are. Go to the beach if it’s warm. *grins* It’s raining here and the dogs are snoring. My life. Soooooooooo exciting.

21 thoughts on “State of the Rhys, Books and Passes

  1. Beth B.

    Girl that is an amazing amount of stuff going on!!!! AND its all SOOOO exciting!! More Cole and Jae – YES PLEASE. More SInner’s Gin – YES PLEASE!!! and all the new stuff sounds wonderful….. wow!!! PS I wanna backstage pass; will email you with the deets 🙂

  2. nordicgirl_2013

    I’ll be getting a “proper” copy of Fish & Ghost (although I won an ARC copy some time ago), and I’m so looking forward to reading it again!

    I like the update on the new stories from Cole&Jae and Miki&Kane, and not to forget Tequila Mockingbird! I can see I have some fun times ahead! 😀

      1. nordicgirl_2013

        I knoooo! It was such a blast, especially since I hadn’t/haven’t read many paranormal stories before. Can’t wait for the next one! 😀

  3. Skippy

    Bring a pass with you in April? 🙂
    People are gonna LOVE Tangerine. I want to read more of that world too!

  4. Devony

    Oh man!…that’s a lotta stuff to look forward to 😀
    Brain leakage huh?*gets you a bucket*
    But…but the waiting!*lip quivers* is there a mantra or something about waiting and good things? Nah!;P

  5. Devony

    Well dang girl!…with how many worlds you are juggling in your noggin I am thinking brain leakage is a given;)
    Hopefully you will be having some fun non leak inducing down time over the Holidays yes?

  6. Are you sure you can’t release everything at once? Just kidding–I know what goes into publishing a book, if not writing one. I’m really excited about Fish and Ghosts, and I love steampunk, and Sinner’s Gin, and Cole and Jae, and, well, everything!

  7. dianalicia23

    I’m sooo excited for Connor and Forest!! and for more Miki and Kane, Cole and Jae and the rest of the gang- I also can’t wait to meet Wolf and Tristan. I’m sure they’ll be a joy to read along with your other marvelous works.

    I’m rooting for you! *Hugs*

  8. Kat

    Sooo happy about all this news. 2014 is looking better already with many Rhys Ford’s worlds to dive into. Not to seem greedy or anything but…but will there be more Kai next year? Is there room in your massively talented noggin without causing major leakage for him?

    1. I’m actually hoping to work on Kai inbetween things. His world is so.. enormous, it takes a hell of a lot to construct. It is INSANE to write 😀 Heh.

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