TJ and Eric Update

1470362_263238180496034_20054493_nFrom Abi Roux:
Still in a holding pattern here, so although I know people are clamoring for news, I don’t really have any. We decorated Eric’s room yesterday, while wearing elf and reindeer hats. The nurses told Eric his friends were crazy and he agreed. I’ll try to post pictures of the decorations later, but don’t hold me to that.

As of now there is no place to send cards or gifts, and the reason for that is to lessen the number of balls that are being juggled by those of us here. But please know that comments are being read to Eric to let him know everyone loves him, and donations as gifts are incredibly helpful.

All the money that has been donated has taken care of room and board for Eric’s family to enable them to be near him for as long as they need, and it’s taken a load off everyone’s minds in a trying time. The impact of that money cannot be expressed in words, it truly cannot.

As for Eric and Tj, they are like rocks in a storm. I’ve never seen a more shining example of love and devotion, and I couldn’t be more proud to call them my friends.

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  1. Beth B.

    So grateful for the update. A part of my brain is currently occupied by thoughts of Eric and TJ…. so this helps immensely. Thanks. 🙂

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