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  1. Devony

    Man 🙁 that had me tearing up. Wouldn’t be great to have an answer to that? Adults have laws & some sort of recourse for abuse at work or in life & kids have nothing to prevent bullying. *sighs* I gotta say I worry about my son & public school. So far since the schools are small it’s been fine…he’s only 6yrs. But he’s on the autistic spectrum(boy is that a pretty big spectrum I have found!) & his challenge is in communication…as he gets older I am hoping that will improve but I have nightmares about what if something happens & he just doesn’t have any way to tell us?!…what ifs have kinda made me paranoid O-o lol

    1. Oh that spectrum is huge. I swim on a bit of it. Paddle. Slosh whatever word you wanna use. *nods* The hardest thing is trying to explain why something is cattywampus but okay. And sometimes it might not make sense but the effect of something might make too much noise in the head. *nods* I hope he takes things slow and remember he’s okay. As he is.

  2. Devony

    He’s perfectly him & I wouldn’t change a hair on his pointed head.;) Tho it’s hard to know for sure( the whole communication thang) he seems happy & secure has no fear interacting with other kids & so far they seem to agree with us that he is pretty cool! lol He just has such a sweet laid back personality!
    As his mom my fear is in letting him down somewhere along the way?…but I think that is true of parents in general.The wee buggers just don’t come with instructions!

  3. That is a video that needs to be shown to teachers, head teachers, sports coaches and any other adult that deals with children. They find it too easy to over look these types of issues, especially if they were one of the lucky ones throughout their school and childhood that didn’t have to deal with the likes of that on a daily basis (Can you tell from my tone I was not one of those lucky ones and life got very nasty) People are far to quick to judge,label, categorize and discriminate far to quickly. *Sigh* there are just some people who will never understand and be tolerant that we are all individuals.

  4. Patricia

    I don’t have the answers but it has increased in volume about a million times since I was a student. It was there, but not on this monumental scale we’re hearing about. And few do anything.

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