Black Dog Blues

Library Journal just pubbed this. I’m kinda… aghast. Happy but aghast.

Black Dog Blues makes this Library Journal’s librarian’s top 10 ebook romances for 2013. This is the book I self-pubbed because it just didn’t fit with any genre… straddling urban fantasy and romance.

Huge aghast. But woot!

Dudes, thank you al because guys… you rock this for me so much.

27 thoughts on “Black Dog Blues

  1. Congrats Rhys darlin!!! WooHoo! Hey is there anywhere I can get a PDF or Epub copy of this book? I see the link for Amazon but I have a Nook…..

    Thanks darlin!

    hugs from your biggest fan,

      1. WooHoo!!! I am offta Smashwords to get my grubby paws on this one….well, I’ll get on my Nook and get my grubby paws on my Nook….bwahahahaha

        thanks Rhys darlin! and again Congrats!!!!

        hugs ya,

  2. Batty

    Congrats! It’s well deserved, and one of my personal fav new urban fantasy πŸ˜€ Can’t wait for the next installment, Kai’s amazing

      1. Batty

        Oh no, thank YOU. For creating something new and amazing, in a “genre” that is often filled with hit and miss plots and over sexing. My hat’s off to you and the other amazing talents in your arena.<3

  3. I came to this book when I’d caught up with all the m/m romances and discovered you had something else out there I hadn’t read yet. And I loved it to pieces. Congratulations!

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