Drops a Bit of Dirty Deeds

“Hey, not like it didn’t already take a beating earlier. And I’m not talking about the old lady.” I waggled my eyebrows. There were parts of my back that stung when I’d peeled myself off the bed to get him water. Jae’s nails were sharp despite being cut short or maybe he ran them over sandpaper to hone them for diamond cutting because there were times I looked like I’d been lashed by a cat-o-nine-tails. “Come here.”

He slid up my body, willing this time for my arms to wrap around his waist. Resting his cheek on my chest, he inhaled sharply then relaxed, forcing the tension from his body. It took a minute or so but eventually his limbs went slack and his long lashes flickered downwards as sleep flirted with his consciousness.

“You have to remember, I love you. All of you. I know you’re not going to walk away from me.” I squeezed him. “Just like you know I won’t walk away from you.”

“You didn’t.” He muttered softly. “You should have ran after her.”

And now for something completely different….

“Not with you lying there. Not with your blood on me.”

“I would have been okay.” His shoulders wiggled as he snuggled down against me. “Not even anything critical was hit.”

“I didn’t know that. And besides, everything about you is critical. I’d have stayed with you if she’d given you a paper cut.”

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  1. BettyeK

    I saw that vid in my aol this morning… and thanks for the tidbit! Totally can’t wait! 🙂

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