Book Announcement! Fish and Ghosts Cover

I am pleased to debut the cover for my upcoming book, Fish and Ghosts. It will be released Novemberish of this year! By Dreamspinner Press!

This is the FIRST BOOK in the Hellsinger Series. I’ll be mixing up leads, going back and forth from one couple to another, depending on the story line. The first book is Wolf and Tristan. *grins* Hope you’ll like it!

FishandGhosts_Ford_FinalUnofficial Blurb (Pending)

Tristan Pryce’s relatives think he’s insane and they want paranormal investigator Wolf Kincaid to prove it. Kincaid is known for debunking alleged supernatural activity and Hoxne Grange, the family estate is overrun with visiting ghosts. Or so Tristan believes.

For two generations, the Grange has provided a way station for spirits as they begin the final steps to the afterlife and Tristan will fight tooth and nail to defend the sacred trust his Uncle Mortimer left him. Tristan hopes that by allowing Wolf’s Hellsinger Investigations team to document the comings and goings of his guests, his family will finally leave him alone but Wolf is much more than he bargained for—in both the physical and spiritual world.

Wolf Kincaid cannot wait to pry back the curtain to the Grange’s mysteries and reveal its ghostly activity as nothing more than badly leveled floorboards and an old drafty house. But when he comes up against the Grange’s prickly, reclusive owner, Wolf reluctantly takes a second look at everything he’s believed about the supernatural and desire.

Especially after his own team unleashes a ghostly serial killer into the mix and Wolf finds himself trapped between his skepticism and protecting the man he’s been sent to discredit.

30 thoughts on “Book Announcement! Fish and Ghosts Cover

  1. jules

    Looking forward to the new book! Love Tristan with his geeky glasses and cable cardi. Mmmm.

  2. Patricia

    Loved reading about it. Sounds crazy beautiful, I know this is going to be one wild story. Cover art is VERY nice.

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