It’s Hard Out There For A Pimp

104716239_140b56c2abI haven’t written a blog blog in a while and I thought I’d talk about a question someone just posed to me.

This was asked in a very non-judgmental way—it really came from curiosity so I thought I’d answer it here as well.

The question was: Why do I pimp out authors that are probably in direct competition with my own books?

Now on the surface of this question, it does seem like a self-defeating purpose. We as authors are always competing for someone’s dollar.

True. Very true.

But ah, as a reader… as a writer… NOT the author… I want to share the glory of another writer.

We have a small bucket here. There are a whole fuckton of us in this bucket and sometimes it’s hard to be heard over the chatter. And there are incredible books out there. Fantastic writers. And damn it, if I find one, I want you to read it.

Because when it all comes down to it, isn’t that why we all read? To glory in the extravagance of a writer’s imagination?

So yeah, I pimp first for that reason. Because these are books and experiences I want to share.

Secondly, I have met or interacted with a lot of these writers. They are lovely people. And we are one voice in the ONE thing that binds us together—no matter how we write or the style we write it in—that everyone should be able to love whom they want to.

So we present them in tears and giggles, in tantrums and blood and sometimes in small little whispers of I love you in the fiercest of wind storms or shouted from the highest mountains so even God is deafened by the raucous.

We shout with our words. As best we can. As in the way we feel can touch your heart. Or your soul. To make you say awww or even to curse at us in the fiercest of ways.

So yeah, that’s why I pimp other authors. That’s why I share the books I love. That’s why I cackle with glee or exhort someone to write faster.

Because damn it, I want to read it too.


2 thoughts on “It’s Hard Out There For A Pimp

  1. Colette

    As a reader. I have found so many new to me authors by looking at who the authors I love, love to read. That is how I discovered Josh Lanyon and how I found you, and this whole amazing world of m/m fiction I didn’t even know existed.

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