Upcoming Rhys Ford Books Announcements!

On the heels of Whiskey and Wry—and everything else, I needed to make some noise about upcoming Rhys Ford releases! I’d like to announce Dreamspinner Press’ impending publication of Fish and Ghosts AND Clockwork Tangerine!


WOOOOOT! Fish and Ghosts, a paranormal contemporary, will be released by Dreamspinner at the end of this year. I’m saying Novemberish 2013! I hope you all welcome Tristan and Wolf in this first of the Hellsinger series!

This book is a bit on the humourous side, a little bit paranormal and a hell of a lot of fun to write. I’ll include the blurb for the book at the end of this post.

2016111Secondly, Clockwork Tangerine is a steampunk novella at more than 20,000 words.

I’m taking you to an alternative universe Victorian Age where the British Empire never fell and there is a constant social and philosophical battle between Science and the Arcane!

Find out what happens when Marcus Stenhill, a Viscount of noble British blood comes face to face with Robin, the technocrat whose fascinating inventions were the instrument in Marcus’ father’s death.

Clockwork Tangerine will be out Marchish 2014.

Fish and Ghosts’ Blurb
Tristan Pryce’s relatives think he’s insane and they want paranormal investigator Wolf Kincaid to prove it. Kincaid is known for debunking alleged supernatural activity and Hoxne Grange, the family estate is overrun with visiting ghosts. Or so Tristan believes.

For two generations, the Grange has provided a way station for spirits as they begin the final steps to the afterlife and Tristan will fight tooth and nail to defend the sacred trust his Uncle Mortimer left him. Tristan hopes that by allowing Wolf’s Hellsinger Investigations team to document the comings and goings of his guests, his family will finally leave him alone but Wolf is much more than he bargained for—in both the physical and spiritual world.

Wolf Kincaid cannot wait to pry back the curtain to the Grange’s mysteries and reveal its ghostly activity as nothing more than badly leveled floorboards and an old drafty house. But when he comes up against the Grange’s prickly, reclusive owner, Wolf reluctantly takes a second look at everything he’s believed about the supernatural and desire.

Especially after his own team unleashes a ghostly serial killer into the mix and Wolf finds himself trapped between his skepticism and protecting the man he’s been sent to discredit.

17 thoughts on “Upcoming Rhys Ford Books Announcements!

  1. Amanda Seal

    I have been wanting to read these ever since the snippets have been posted! Especially about Wolf! Urg. Must have now….

  2. Marlobo

    Cool! Kudos. I think that I’ll give a chance both. Fish and Ghost looks nice and a victorian steampunk,? love the idea!

    1. There is a LOT of fun in Fish and Ghosts. It isn’t a horror book, more Ghost Hunters comedy/romance with a spice of boo-OMG ghosts in it. 😀 Some “scary” bits but not the focus of the novel. Just… a fun kind of book 😀

  3. beverley jansen

    Im thrilled you have another release or two 🙂 I have to apologise tho for not replying to you with my ebook format after being lucky in the Sinner’s Gin comp. Please blame my lack of techno savvy and a persistent ear infection which has turned nasty. I have downloaded W&W to my kindle and will be reading it to distract me from hospital nasties. I just didnt want you to think me rude or ungrateful.

  4. Johanna

    I love PNR so Fish and Ghosts sounds really good, looking forward to it. I have not read steampunk before so it will be interesting to try.

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