Interviews! For Whiskey and Wry

Very boring ones. With me *grins* Heh. But still! Interviews!

I haven’t had coffee yet. I’ll gush and bubble in a bit. My Old Man Dog is also roombaing around the room. I’m waiting for him to settle down on his doggie bed. And Yoshi Plumpbutt has already taken possession of my computer table. Her nickname is Pudge Pudge for a reason. She’s tilting the table. I swear.

Come visit me at TWO blogs today!

Book Whores United! was nice enough to have me come visit over there. You can head over here to read the interview and while you’re there, check out the reviews!


Under the Covers Book Blog! has a very long rambling piece where I obviously had too much sugar and waxed on and off about writing. Check out the interview here and delve around the site. They’ve got a lot going on over there!

10 thoughts on “Interviews! For Whiskey and Wry

  1. Your Under the Covers interview was great. I was wondering about Quinn. You threw me for a loop at the end of Whiskey…was not expecting that person’s story to be next and it be m/m!!!! Helped piece things together that at one point Quinn was in there with Miki but I cannot imagine anyone more perfect for Miki now than Kane so glad you changed course.

    I also agree about what was said by Sionn in his interview about Miki and Kane being more introverted and preference of sitting on the couch and cuddling. That fits those two.

    I must save that Miki and Kane are still my faves in this series. I greatly enjoyed Sionn and Damie but M/K my faves still.

    1. I threw Quinn in there because he was… well, I do adore him. The beginning of the story was SO different. When I created Kane, everything shifted but I did want to show Kane’s family so Quinn made a guest appearance along with Connor. *winks*

      Miki and Kane really are homebodies. It is who they are. Or they’d do more relaxed things like heading down to the pier for lunch or something. Damien and Sionn would be the couple to get a pair of Harleys and tear up the coast.

      Thank you! And Smooches.

  2. I also loved the little snippet in Whiskey of Miki saying that his cop would handle things. We dont get to hear that vocal pride and bragging of his partner like with the others. Miki is more protective of everything including his relationship with Kane and doesnt have as many he would trust to share with. Made me smile. We know Miki loves Kane thoroughly…the verbal with others being so rare it has more meaning.

    The writing so good on the brother connection between Damie and Miki. I could feel it.

    I have nooooo idea what conflict you are going to make for a certain brother of Kane’s but I will be anxiously awaiting book 3!

    1. Well it will be an exploration of his sexuality. There are a LOT of questions on his part. *nods* And well that is going to be a difficult write but I think I want to try it. *grins*

  3. dianalicia23

    Mucho Congrats and hugs to you Lady! I’m so so so very excited about Quinn and his intended-you had this chibi trembling with joy as she read the last bit of Whiskey and Wry (but then again she trembled with joy throughout the rest of the book too). I’m going to try my absolute hardest to save anything else you write till the end of the year as I’ll be heading on a trip then and am so scared to fly…. I think Sinners Gin and Dirty Laundry will help me turn my nervous thoughts into passionate, impure thoughts!! (especially thinking of the different scenarios with Quinn-Much Luck!)

    Thanks so much for sharing your amazing work!!

    1. *hugs* Well Quinn will be in the final book. He’s in Sloe Ride with Rafe 😀 Connor will be in the next book with Forest, who you haven’t met yet but I’m very excited to write about. When are you going? And where are you going? Vacation?

  4. Ack! My brain is scrambled from a long day, Yes I meant the other Morgan but I’m still excited about Quinn too 😀 I’m heading to Mexico where I’ll have Tequila *winks* and then I’ll be heading to Japan! Where I’ll have tea to cure the tequila headaches ;D

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