Sinner’s Gin World Tour: Cities Announcement

Well everyone has been tallied and heard from. Here are the cities for Sinner’s Gin’s first World Tour! I’ll get the tour shirts up as soon as I can. Look for Sunday! I’ve got company coming tomorrow and um…I’m working on Dirty Deeds. *grins* Congrats Everyone!

Edited: Apparently Chicago and Munich went off to do something each other. There will be more World Tours. So… Chances for More Cities!

San Francisco, California Markham, Ontario, Canada
Los Angeles, California Vancouver, B.C., Canada
San Diego, California Monterrey, Mexico
Pahoa, Hawai‘i Lima, Peru
Seattle, Washington Belfast, North Ireland, UK
Red Rocks, Colorado London, England, UK
Indianapolis, Indiana Portsmouth, England, UK
Detroit, Michigan St. Andrews, Scotland, UK
Chicago, Illinois Munich, Germany
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Stavanger, Norway
Duluth, Minnesota Moscow, Russia
Guthrie, Oklahoma Johannesburg, South Africa
Laredo, Texas Sydney, Australia
North Augusta, South Carolina Melbourne, Australia
Jacksonville, Florida Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Orlando, Florida Auckland, New Zealand
Plainfield, Connecticut Kolkata, India
Baltimore, Maryland Singapore City, Singapore
Trenton, New Jersey Seoul, South Korea
New York City, New York Tokyo, Japan

19 thoughts on “Sinner’s Gin World Tour: Cities Announcement

  1. Kris

    Oooh. Red Rocks, CO. The amphitheater there is an amazing venue for a concert! I’m sure Sinner’s Gin had a freaking blast there!

  2. Angel

    Hell Yeah! South Africa is not only good for shooting music vids on the cheap!!!!! Love seeing my hometown on the list!

      1. Julia

        I’d hate to lull you into a sense of false security. When our group handled Alice in Chains, we had a drunk bus and a sober bus. Users on one, rehab survivors on the other. Oddly, the sober bus saw way more action in the back.

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