Tour Managers Selected for Sinner’s Gin

Dragon_Skull1_blackWell, this was honestly the most difficult contest I’ve ever run because there was such a huge response and GOD I wanted to give you all a city. I really did.

I have chosen EIGHTEEN tour managers for Sinner Gin’s World Tour. They will get to decide 18 of the stops the band makes. I already have a few on hold so we’ll hopefully hit every continent.

The list is as follows. If you see your name, please list your city here then email me at rhysford (at) vitaenoir (dot) com about your ARC. If you’ve preordered Whiskey and Wry, I can substitute out something else. If you are a First or Second Beta, I…um…shit, I’ve got nothing. Um…email me anyway and we DEFINITELY will work something out. *grins*

Thank you all for entering. Really,  I was so surprised to see the responses. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the book!

Here are the winners!

1 Danielle

4 nordicgirl_2013

7 jackiemckenzie

15 Deb Pridgeon

17 beverley jansen

20 diannakay

21 emd

32 lucy

33 Treasure

38 Renee

40 Dianne

45 Ka

51 Amanda Seal

56 Ely Ve

58 Jacquie

65 Dominique

68 Jules Lovestoread (Bowersox)

75 Shelley

40 thoughts on “Tour Managers Selected for Sinner’s Gin

  1. Wow! With 18 managers, you are in for chaos my friend 😉 Congrats to the managers and I cannot WAIT to see what they come up with 😛

  2. emd


    I’m guessing San Fran is a given 😉 and it’s my new city. Guess I’m giving it to Baltimore, MD!

  3. Ok I live in Jacksonville, FL, but I grew up in Richmond, Va!!! Decisions decisions… I say we go with Jacksonville, FL that way I could actually go to the show, lol. Thank you so much Rhys for the contest (((hugs))) *kisses*

  4. Whoot!! OK, there are hard times around here right now but hey, but we love our music….no band can tour without a stop in Detroit rock city baby! 🙂 ♪ ♫

  5. Amanda Seal

    Omg I can not tell you how excited I am! So here it is. I am a small town home girl from the first capital of Oklahoma so I say give us Okies so Sinner’s love in Guthrie, Oklahoma!

  6. Oh boy! Dianne already listed Detroit… I’m actually from Mt. Pleasant born and raised. Mt. Pleasant is about 2 1/2 hours from Detroit so I guess Sinner’s Gin could make a side trip to the mountain town (which is actually pretty flat) and play some slots after a show at the casino. 🙂

  7. nordicgirl_2013

    How awesome is this?! Stavanger, Norway is on Sinners’ Gin’s world-tour map! 😀

  8. Karin

    Woohoo, St Andrews, Scotland the home of golf and good whiskey…… I’m honored to be picked

  9. Renee

    How cool is it that it looks like Michigan, even with all of the bad press recently, is going to have 3 stops on the tour!! My town is Dryden, Michigan, but I’m wondering if maybe I should pick another somewhere else in the country for a little bit of variety!? Thank you so much for picking me!

  10. Jacquie

    Wow! the guys are going to be going all over the place. And that will include Markham, Ontario. Thanks Rhys.

  11. Ely Ve

    Ah!! Awesomesauce!!! I’d make Sinner’s Gin come to my hometown 😀 New York City, baby!

    PS sorry I’m so late! I’m currently out of the country <.<

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