So a few Questions…

So, Whiskey and Wry will be released in a month. I am currently working on Dirty Deeds and Neko has just come up to the couch to visit me. Go figure. Yoshi is my morning cat and Neko is all about the night time.

Wondering if I should hold an ARC contest for Whiskey and Wry in a couple of weeks? You know… give away an ARC. Or two.

I also need to design tshirts. Tour shirts for Sinner’s Gin. I’m thinking of holding a contest for that too. Maybe the city of your choice in the list on the back. I’d put them up on cafepress for at cost. I don’t wanna charge monies to make a profit. Just for the shirts to be out there. Gits and shiggles.

Now speaking of that, I STILL need a good solid liquor pun/twist name for the fourth book. I’m mulling that one over. Nothing’s sticking in my head. I keep coming back to Gin variations and I don’t think I wanna go there. What do you all think?

Best. Photobomb. Almost. Ever. 😀

29 thoughts on “So a few Questions…

    1. Heh. I have Tequila Mockingbird next so I’ve gotta mix up the drinks. No pun intended 😀 *GRINS* But isn’t it a fun dear-god-my-brain exercise?

  1. Kris

    While I’m not good at the title/pun thing, can I just say I’m so excited abut t-shirts? Want! And contests are always fun!

  2. Shannon Hayes

    T-shirts would be cool. If you need help with designs I can help you on that! 🙂

    As for titles…. vodka’s collin? Green fairy’s dreamland? Ever & clear? Kami and kaze? Cherry bombing? Amarreto sweet? If I come up with more I will let you know!

  3. Angel

    Brandy Blues?
    Beer Battles?
    Hennessy Homies?
    Cognac Cocks?
    Bacardi Breeders?

    Hey! I am good at this!

  4. Johanna

    Love reading all the fun titles people are coming up with. I suck at name games though. And yeah on tshirts and contests!!!

  5. Absinthe of Malice?
    Unexcused Absinthe?
    The Unbeerable Lightness of Being?
    Stinger in the Tail?
    Wallbanger Blues?
    Jack & Coke?
    Anything with the word “shooter” in it

    I apologize for #3. I couldn’t help it.

    1. Snorts. Absinthe of Malice will probably be the title of a steampunk novel I’ve got kicking around in my head. But ah, the title will be Sloe Ride.

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