Wandering Dog

No, the old man dog is wandering around the living room. He’s an odd duck.

Now… let’s talk other projects like Whiskey and Wry which I really have nothing to do on other than promoting. I think there’s a consensus it would be a continuation of Miki and Kane? I’ve tried to dissuade that idea because while there ARE four books in the series, they each will feature different couples. Miki and Kane however will have a novella. 😀 I promise you that.

Fish and Ghosts. I have a tentative blurb. It has been submitted and I’m hoping to hear back soon.

I am currently four chapters into Dirty Deeds. It’s going smoothly. I suspect something is wrong. No really whenever something goes smoothly I am very suspicious.

There is also something under my space bar that makes it skip adding spaces so I’m wondering if there is actual something or if I’ve broken another one.

I’ll have to grab a can of air and hope for the best.

After Dirty Deeds, I’m probably going to have a hack at Tequila Mockingbird or work on something else? I’m probably just scared the fuck out of TM 😀 Really, you’ll see why.

Oh…and a steampunk novel. What do you all think about that? Is there really an audience for  it? But oh, the shiny! I want to write it. Opinions?

26 thoughts on “Wandering Dog

  1. I can’t wait for TM! 😀 I’m excited about the rest, of course, but I can’t wait to see where you’re going with the setup. (Hopefully that was vague enough, lol.)

  2. Angel

    erm…I think I’ve waited long enough for a sequel to Black Dog Blues. I’m going to stop begging, since it’s doing no good.

    Wait, here’s an idea….JUST PUBLISH SOMETHING AWESOME SO I CAN HAVE SOMETHING TO READ, Dammit, is that too much to ask?


  3. starnite

    I think I would be happy to read your grocery list.

    That being said, I am anxious to read about any of the couples’ stories you have started and anything else you have started (grocery list? Heh)

    Steam punk is fascinating just because a good author puts their own customized spin on it. I say if you have an idea for it write on!!!

    1. Snorts.

      I have to finish Dirty Deeds and Tequila Mockingbird. And um…Down and Dirty. 😀 Which will be nice because it won’t be a mystery 😀

      Grocery List. I actually HAVE one I’ve just written to pick up stuff at Marukai
      Calrose rice
      dried ika (rolled/sweet, shredded hot)
      red ika legs if they have
      purple sweet potatoes
      milk coffee drink
      melon creme soda
      coffee mochi
      karage bento
      gobo fishcake
      frozen kim chee dumplings
      S&S saimin
      sesame seed oil
      nori arare
      ginger cookies
      frozen char siu bao
      extra firm tofu

  4. Karin

    I love steam punk, but basically I will read anything you write =), yes you are that good x My advice, write what your comfortable with, prepared to endure and even challenge your boundaries. I have faith, it will be good xxxx

    1. I kinda wanna do the steampunk because I’ve not really done a book. We’ll see how it goes 😀 The others… ah, Fish and Ghosts was just FUN 😀

  5. Kat

    Yay for Steampunk…and yay for W&W, yay for TM, yay for F&G, yay for BDB, yay for anything Dirty, yay for grocery lists, 😉 YAY for you and yay for us getting to read all the yays. 😀 *I’ll stop now.*

  6. Really enjoyed the steampunk 😉 But you know I’m dying for Dirty Deeds and the next book in the Sinner’s series too 🙂

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