Whiskey and Wry Cities Tour! Missing Some!

I’m missing some peep’s cities…and be sure to email me if you’ve not done so yet! rhysford (at) vitaenoir (dot) com.

I am missing: DiannaKay, Lucy, Shelley

The Winning cities so far:

Danielle North Augusta SC

nordicgirl_2013 Stavanger, Norway

jackiemckenzie: Jacksonville, FL

Deb Pridgeon  Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

beverley jansen  London, England (?)


emd: Baltimore, MD


Treasure Red Rocks, Colorado

Renee Sydney Australia

Dianne Detroit, Michigan

Ka St. Andrews, Scotland

Amanda Seal Guthrie, Oklahoma

Ely Ve New York City, New York

Jacquie Markham, Ontario, Canada

Dominique Trenton, NJ

Jules Lovestoread (Bowersox) Seattle, WA


Tour Managers Selected for Sinner’s Gin

Dragon_Skull1_blackWell, this was honestly the most difficult contest I’ve ever run because there was such a huge response and GOD I wanted to give you all a city. I really did.

I have chosen EIGHTEEN tour managers for Sinner Gin’s World Tour. They will get to decide 18 of the stops the band makes. I already have a few on hold so we’ll hopefully hit every continent.

The list is as follows. If you see your name, please list your city here then email me at rhysford (at) vitaenoir (dot) com about your ARC. If you’ve preordered Whiskey and Wry, I can substitute out something else. If you are a First or Second Beta, I…um…shit, I’ve got nothing. Um…email me anyway and we DEFINITELY will work something out. *grins*

Thank you all for entering. Really,  I was so surprised to see the responses. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the book!

Here are the winners!

1 Danielle

4 nordicgirl_2013

7 jackiemckenzie

15 Deb Pridgeon

17 beverley jansen

20 diannakay

21 emd

32 lucy

33 Treasure

38 Renee

40 Dianne

45 Ka

51 Amanda Seal

56 Ely Ve

58 Jacquie

65 Dominique

68 Jules Lovestoread (Bowersox)

75 Shelley

A shot of Whiskey, a hint of Wry (excerpt from W&W)

Whiskey_Wry Cover_Rhys Ford_Small Wow, we are SO close to release date!

Don’t forget….ONE DAY LEFT for the name a City Tour Contest! Three winners! You only have to comment to enter and you’ll get to name a city for the back of a Sinner’s Gin Tour Shirt!

Link to Contest!

Now to celebrate… I’m including an excerpt of Whiskey and Wry…which I am hiding under a cut for people who don’t want spoilers.

In other news, the steampunk short story? Yeah, that’s been optioned for a novella so I’m working on filling in the spots I hated leaving limp. *does happy dance* I have no idea what I’m doing with it. Really. So wish me luck. *grins* It at least has an ending.

And a hairless cat. *laughs*

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Rhys Ford’s Dirt and Sin Shop


Dirt and Sin Shop Link!

The shop is now open, live and kicking!

Get your Dirty Kiss and Sinner’s Gin merchandise. T-Shirts, mugs, coasters, eBook cases, mousepads and other sundries!

Sundries. Always a good word.

The Tour with Cities shirts will be added later. I’m going to only offer a few selections on that one. Not all of the shirts can be produced with a back printing.

For the phone cases, coasters, magnets and other stuff, I tried to choose an orientation that used the best space for the graphic. Not all can go horizontal. That was a hiss-boo on my part too. Sad panda face. The Sinners’ Skulls are kinda squarish so it doesn’t matter how they were turned.

What you see in the shop is what you get. That’s what they tell me. I’m gonna be ordering a few things myself. ‘Cause you know… stuff! I’m not doing a huge markup on the items. Hell, I think the most I’ve tagged is fifty cents and that’s just to pay for image costs. If you see something that you desperately want on a piece that I don’t have in the shop, drop me a line. 😀

I’ll be adding more designs as the series’ go on. Looking at a McGinnis Investigations and a Finnegan’s Pub shirt. Among other things….*grins*

Once again the link is: http://www.cafepress.com/rhysforddirtysin

And yes, the Korean on the Dirty Kiss shirt is kinda Konglish phonetic spelling of Dirty Kiss. *grins*