4 thoughts on “Feel Like Playing The Blues? How About A Little Black Dog Blues And An Amazon Gift Card?

  1. Andrea M

    This book is a total surprise to me. I’ve been so busy tracking Whiskey and Wry that I didn’t realize you were writing something else. Can we say I have a 1 track mind? Looks good, though and it might just take my mind off Whiskey (for a little while).

  2. Janan

    WOW……Really, WOW. What a switch up. I stole time all day to read Black Dog Blues….. and burnt supper …..and read at the table …..and ignored everyone….. and just finished it. Now I want to start all over again. Kai is such a foundation to build on I can’t wait to read the rest of the series…..write fast Rhys please. Change of genres worked,Very twisted of you…….thanks.

    1. Heh… ah, I just wanted Kai to get out there. I am glad you liked him. Ah, no burning dinner! Heh. Although I have done that too in. *grins* *hugs*

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