10 thoughts on “Hottest Sexiest Man I’ve Ever Posted

  1. starnite

    Yes… there is nothing sexier than a fireman doing his job with tenderness and compassion…

    This immediately brought to mind a similiar scene played out a few days ago. You may have scene the horrific fire that is winding down in my state of Colorado. In the hours and hours of footage shown, one of the most heart rending scenes was that of a young fireman coming out of a hot spot of trees he had been working in with a very young baby deer cradled in his arms. You could see the tiredness in his dirty face and the shock but trust the deer had as looked into the fireman’s face. My heart absolutely lurched and stopped for second. So gut wrenching.
    (It probably would not be that hard of a clip to find as they ran it a lot.)

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