I’m Cheap(er) This Week on Dreamspinner Press

WOOOOOOT! My year has hit.My books are discounted in celebration of DSP’s anniversary. Check out the authors that share my year! Sooooo many. And so many are friends. Woooot!

And congrats and happies to all those who share it with me.! Thanks to Dreamspinner for a great run and may we have many more years together. *HUGS*

With all sincere heartfelt kudos, I cannot say enough about the people behind the banner. They make us all look good and work their damned butts off doing so. Every single one of us named on that site owes so much to the men and women who work *AND* own Dreamspinner. I’m looking at you over there, Elizabeth. *grins*

It’s also the faith and patronage of the readers who have brought us all along. Without you, I would be nothing but a pixel blip and hope. You all rock. And thank you. So so much. Thank you.


6 thoughts on “I’m Cheap(er) This Week on Dreamspinner Press

  1. Patricia

    Excuse me, Rhys, what? I was distracted — diverted — pulled — by the ad banner above.
    Congratulations on being a part of the celebration!

  2. Kat

    YAY! Dreamspinner has been one of my go-to places for years. I haunt them daily, checking all the upcoming releases, 😀 searching for my favourite authors *looking at YOU*. Thank you Rhys for feeding my addiction.

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