Ah, Ask Questions Ahead of Time.

I’ll be answering them in an audio clip. *grins* Or if you have one on that comment thread, I can reply there too. But ahead of time would be great;


May Fourth! WOOOOOOT I get to take over the Dreamspinner sandbox while everyone’s away at RT. *grins*

3 thoughts on “Ah, Ask Questions Ahead of Time.

  1. Patricia

    Since the Boston marathon bombings, I am even more interested in Maddy McGinnis and her superwoman legs. Please give us more about her and Mike McGinnis.

  2. Anything on Bobby…please! Will his book be a novella or full length? Any hints on his story?

    Also, will the Dr. Pepper shirt survive the series? I like how Jae wears Cole’s clothes and Cole notices and loves it.

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