Wanna be Inked in Dirty Deeds? Contest ends TODAY.

If you’ve read Dirty Laundry then you should know who you’re going to be putting your (character’s) body under. *grins* Become a tattoo parlour customer in Dirty Deeds! Enter to win at The Novel Approach!

And you get to choose your own design.



10 thoughts on “Wanna be Inked in Dirty Deeds? Contest ends TODAY.

  1. treasure

    Could you just deliver the cutie in the picture to me? I promise to let him wake slowly.
    Irl I’m desperately allergic to the ink so no skin pictures for me

    1. Heh… well this is the perfect contest then because you’d be inked on the page only. *laughs* And well, it IS Cole’s brother. 😀

  2. dianalicia23

    Down and Dirty….is that Bobby’s book?! If it is and if his love interest is who I think it is…wink wink, nudge nudge…woo hoo!!!

    Loved Dirty Laundry-I’m rooting for you!

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