Come for the Q&A, Maybe win some Laundry…

Dirty_Laundry_Rhys_FordI am grilled over a bed of hot coals today over at Live Your Life, Buy the Book. Come and read me babble… and enter to win any book in the Dirty Series…. including the latest episode in Cole and Jae’s saga, Dirty Laundry.

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6 thoughts on “Come for the Q&A, Maybe win some Laundry…

  1. So excited to hear about Bobby and Miki & Kane having their own novellas soon, will Scarlet have a novella with her man do you think? Can’t wait for Dirty Laundry! xoxo

    1. Bobby will probably be a full book. Miki and Kane definitely will be a novella. God I hope. *grins* I don’t think I have anything really to say with Scarlet but I’m not going to ever say Never… because you never know. *grins*

      Heh… smooches.

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